Dead Man’s Tale (DMT) – God Roll for PvP and PvE (Updated)

Dead Man’s Tale (DMT) – God Roll for PvP and PvE (Updated) – With the coming of the new Season of Destiny 2 called Season of The Witch, a returning exotic mission has been re-introduced in the game called presage.

The way you can get Dead Man’s Tale (DMT), one of the most feared exotic Scout in D2, is directly tied to this mission. In this guide, we shall see the best DMT rolls for the current time for both PvP and PvE. We shall also see the way you can farm or get DMT.

Dead Mans Tale DMT God Roll PvP PvE D2

Dead Man’s Tale (DMT) – God Roll for PvP and PvE (Updated)

The Dead Man’s Tale is, without a doubt, one of the most well-known Exotic Scout Rifles in the Destiny 2 Community. This weapon is amongst my personal favorites due to its perks and the way it fires and handles mainly PvP. It also has applications in PvE gameplay as well.

  • Exotic Perk: Its exotic perk is called cranial spike.
  • If you chain precision hits, it will give you bonus target acquisition and range.

If you pair this perk with the perks I am about to show you, the range goes off the charts, and the hit accuracy and handling also increase greatly. 

What is the Curated Roll for DMT?

Curated Rolls are fixed rolls that a weapon drops along with the random rolls. It is not necessary that you will get curated rolls every time, but keep these in the back of your mind just for informative purposes:

  • Exotic Intrinsic – Cranial Spike (Explained above)
  • Basic Barrel – Corkscrew Rifling
  • Basic Magazine – Accurized Rounds
  • Basic Trait – Killing Wind
  • Basic Stock – Hand-Laid Stock

Dead Man's Tale - Destiny 2 Curated Rolls

Dead Man’s Tale (DMT) God Roll for PvP

DMT is mainly known for its lethal impact in PvP gameplay, be it casual crucible, competitive play, or the Trials of Osiris. This weapon never fails to impress. Equipped with the right sets of perks, this can wreak havoc on enemies. So, here is the God Roll for dmt as of 2023:

Exotic Intrinsic – Cranial Spike  – This is tailor-made for PvP since each precision hit stacks “Cranial Spike”. This increases the Target Acquisition and the Range of the weapon, making it deadly when the stack increases.

Basic Barrel – Corkscrew Rifling – This will give you both +5 Range, +5 Handling, and +5 Stability. A great perk to have with a fast-firing scout like the DMT, making it more deadly.

Basic Magazine – Accurized Rounds – I went with accurized rounds since it give a flat range of +10. You can also go for High-Caliber Rounds to flinch targets or ricochet rounds to get extra Stability.

Basic Trait – Outlaw – This is the most suitable perk so far with the DMT. This increases the reload speed on precision kill. This can stack with the already fast-firing rifle, increasing potency. You can also go for either Moving Target or Rapid Hit. Rapid Hit pairs well with Cranial Spike since both need Precision Hits.

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Basic Stock – Hand-Laid Stock – A flat +10 bonus to stability is much needed in DMT since you will be moving, crouching, and pulling out all the moves to take down opponents and enemies. Stability in such situations matters a lot. Hence I went with Hand-Laid Stock.

Dead Man's Tale - Destiny 2 God Roll PvP

Dead Man’s Tale (DMT) God Roll for PvE

This is the god roll for dmt for 2023, for PvE use:

Exotic Intrinsic – Cranial Spike  –  “Cranial Spike” offers good value in PvE also since you will be hitting those precision shots on enemies often. 

Basic Barrel – Corkscrew Rifling – This will give you both +5 Range, +5 Handling, and +5 Stability. The same effect can be seen in the PvE aspect of the game as well.

Basic Magazine – Accurized Rounds – This is a good choice in PvE also since it gives you that additional range to hit enemies far. If you want to flinch enemies, you can go for High-Caliber Round instead.

Basic Trait – Rapid Hit or Vorpal – These two are good options here. Rapid Hit, as mentioned earlier, can pair well with Cranial Spike. Otherwise, go for Vorpal to deal extra damage to bosses.

Basic Stock – Hand-Laid Stock – This remains unchanged since stability is required in PvE also.

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How To Get or Farm Dead Man’s Tale (DMT) – Updated

Previously, you could only get Dead Man’s Tale from Xur. He brought random rolls with him every week, and you would have to wait for a decent roll to appear and then get it from him.

After Season 22 of D2, that has been removed, and the old Presage Exotic Mission has been brought back, which was originally the mission you needed to do to get DMT. This time also, here are the things you need to do to farm or get DMT:

  • Go To the Director Tab
  • Head over to Legends
  • Inside Legends, select the Presage Exotic Mission from the bottom of the screen

Destiny 2 2023 Presage mission for DMT

Completing the Presage Mission will give you Dead Man’s Tale (DMT) along with a Season 17 reward.

Thus, that is all the information I had to share on how you can get DMT, as well as the God Roll PvP and PvE perks for the weapon. Let me know what you think about the perk setups and your choices if you have any.

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Last Updated on August 31, 2023

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