Lethal Company: All Equipment And Their Uses

Players in Lethal Company will be sent on missions to scavenge for items as demanded by the Company. You will be in grave danger if you cannot finish your tasks, so make sure you are completing them to the best of your capabilities.

Players will be assisted by a whole bunch of equipment available in the game to make their lives during missions much more accessible. Ensure you have the right equipment for every task; the following guide will tell players about them in Lethal Company.

Lethal Company: All Equipment And Their Uses

The game has several categories of foripment; the most basic ones fall under the ‘Survival Gear.’ These items will always be handy, so make sure you have them with you as soon as possible. 

Survival Gear

  • Walkie-Talkie: The radio that can be utilized for communication among players. You will need power and have to turn it on. However, monsters can listen to the audio, and you can use it to bring monsters somewhere, but be careful. It works best if a player keeps an eye on the entire team to remain alert.

Lethal Company - walkie-talkie

  • The flashlight is a somewhat dependable item that can lighten up the passages. It also needs power, and the battery goes down fast, so keep switching it on and off. 

Lethal Company - flashlight

  • Pro-Flashlight: A much better version of the Flashlight as it shines its light on a much bigger area, and you can operate it very fast with power. 

Lethal Company - pro-flashlight

Specialized Gear

These items are required for the extraordinary jobs that players will be tasked with in Lethal Company. 

  • Lockpicker: The automatic lock pick you can connect to a door and wait to unlock. It is a heavy tool (16 lbs), so it can be challenging to carry it all the time.

Lethal Company - lockpicker

  • Boombox: The blue stereo can get you a lot of songs, and you can keep it at the entrances of dungeons or distract stuff, but it needs power. 

Lethal Company - Boombox

  • TZP-Inhalant: A mixture of helium and space amphetamines that make you very quick, slippery, and sound weird. However, it is of a given quantity, so use it carefully.

Lethal Company - TZP

  • Jet-pack: The regular jet pack you can use to move around but can get slow and troublesome, so it may not be helpful and uses power. 

Lethal Company - Jetpack

  • Key: You can open any door with it, but it instantly destroys the key after it. 
  • Laser Pointer: You will find it during salvage runs, and it has an orange-red beam. You can shine it on people to irritate them or drop it while on to enlighten a path but not too far and needs power. 
  • Extension Ladder: A box with a ladder you can use in several places can be great for crossing gaps or moving faster. However, be careful; it will knock you out if you are located beneath it as it deploys. 
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Lethal Company - ladder

Offensive Gear

These weapons will help you attack and defend against the various dangers during your missions. 

  • Shovel: You can whack the enemies with your standard shovel in Lethal Company. However, it is useless against Forest Giants and Eyeless Dogs. 
  • Stop-Sign: You can use this against small enemies to defeat them. 
  • Stun Grenade: These will help you stun the enemies for some time, and you can escape quickly if you are in a tough spot.

Lethal Company - stun grenade

  • Zap Gun: A giant taser that automatically finds the closest enemy and fires until you click or run out of juice. However, be careful, as it locks on players as well. You can use it to hold an enemy down as your teammates attack. It needs power, of course. 

Lethal Company - Zap gun


Ship Equipment

These are certain upgrades that are available for your ship.

  • Loud Horn: A deafening horn that can let your friends know of exiting or help them find their way back. As expected, it will attract enemies present around. 

Lethal Company - loud horn

  • Teleporter: You can use it from the console to point to a player or their body and bring it back to the ship. However, the items will be lost.

Lethal Company - Teleporter

Cosmetic Equipment

Some other stuff in the game is useless, but you can play around with them. 

  • Table: It is made by an Australian in space with two left hands and a gambling addiction. Its real purpose is unknown, and it bears your troubles but does not answer any more questions.
  • TV: Nobody knows who made it, and no power supply can be seen. You will see many shows on it that feature humanoids who work for “The Company.”
  • Toilet: It is a portable toilet from Nanotrasen. It does not require pipes and is entirely operational. Todd Howard can be heard talking if you listen closely.
  • Cozy Lights: A costly set of string lights that fill your ship with multiple lights and can bear lightning strikes, too. 
  • Shower: A shower stall for one person.
  • Clown Horn: Can be found on salvage runs and used to praise the Honk Mother. 
  • Air Horn: Another salvage run found, and you can irritate your teammates and the creatures around. There is a secret function that is activated if you keep it going ahead of the sales desk. 
  • Green Suit: A stylistic suit that fits great.
  • Hazard Suit: Great protection against Green Lanterns and is the yellow hazmat suit variant you see everywhere. 
  • Pajama Suit: A blue and polka dot suit is of great comfort. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need regarding the different kinds of equipment present in Lethal Company. You will come across all of them at some point, so make sure you check them out.

Last Updated on November 9, 2023

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