Dead Space Remake: How To Find All Market Fragments Locations

The launch of Dead Space Remake has earned several plaudits in recent days due to its immersive gameplay and accurate graphics. It has also faced several performance issues and errors, including lagging, crashes at the start, and a low FPS rate.

While players have been poring over the internet to find solutions to these problems, those who are enjoying the game have been hooked. There are many new weapons, including the Kinesis Module, which is mighty helpful. While the game has been kept mostly the same, there are the new Marker Fragments that will give you a new ending. In that regard, the following guide will help players in grabbing all 12. 

Dead Space Remake - Marker Fragments

Dead Space Remake: How to find all Market Fragments locations

There are a dozen Marker Fragments that players can get their hands on after they finish the standard version and the Dead Space Remake. That is why you must defeat all the enemies onboard the Ishimura on your quest and survive till the end.

The Marker Fragments are not significant and are well-hidden all across different places. Players must have the New Game Plus to start the quest and collect all 12 Marker Fragments. Here are the locations of the same: 

Marker Fragment 1 

You will be tasked to find the data board, and players must search the maintenance bay office, which stores it. You will find the Marker Fragment on the shelf. 

Marker Fragment 2

When you are in the Medical area, as you wipe away the quarantine of the main lab, get inside Dr. T. Kyne’s office. Players have to use their Kinesis powers to slide away the shelves holding books near the desk. There will be a secret room which contains the Marker Fragment. 

Marker Fragment 3

Players have to get behind the power substation three inside the engine room of the engineering department. There is a Marker Fragment hidden in the dark. 

Marker Fragment 4

Once you reroute the power, head into the break room on the bridge; there will be a picture of the Marker Fragment, with the object itself on the ground. 

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Marker Fragment 5

Head back to the medical bay, specifically the Cryogenics department, where there is liquid nitrogen. You will need it to freeze the Regenerator and then use Kinesis to get hold of the Marker Fragment above the cryogenic chamber. 

Marker Fragment 6

This Marker Fragment is available inside D.C. Mercer’s office in the medical area itself. 

Dead Space Remake - Marker Fragments locations

Marker Fragment 7

The Hydroponics area has the sixth Wheezer with the Marker Fragment present inside, affixed to some dirt which will have to be cleared using Kinesis. 

Marker Fragment 8

Once you update your security clearance at the mining area, there is the Mineral Samples room which has the Marker Fragment on a shelf. 

Marker Fragment 9

Turn on the power of the Comms Array present on the second floor of the Communications Hub. The Marker Fragment is floating inside a hole, hidden underneath a necromorph to the left. 

Marker Fragment 10

Change the circuit breakers of the Deluxe Quarter bunk room and you will find the Marker Fragment inside, on the desk. 

Marker Fragment 11

Go to the Inquiry Desk present in the Crew Quarters where the Marker Fragment will be near the tendril on the desk. 

Marker Fragment 12

There will be a crane in the cargo bay which will be needed to displace the marker, but you will find the Marker Fragment on the tool shelf. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need when it comes to gathering all the Marker Fragments in Dead Space Remake. After players have collected all the Marker Fragments, go to the shrine inside the Crew Quarters on the third floor. Then you will be able to witness the new ending and get a trophy for your troubles. 

Last Updated on February 3, 2023

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