Dead Space Remake | How To Fix Can’t Sprint Bug

The Dead Space Remake still has a few odd issues that detract from the experience, despite its updated aesthetics and gameplay. Many of the players have already found that Isaac Clarke’s ability to sprint is frequently prevented by the horror game, leaving him open to attack by the Necromorph adversaries’ hordes.

Despite how annoying this may be, there is a simple way to fix it permanently. Here’s how to fix the Dead Space Remake’s sprinting glitch.

How To Fix Isaac Sprinting Bug In Dead Space Remake

The plot takes place in the 26th century and centers on engineer Isaac Clarke, a crew member of the USS Kellion, a repair ship sent to the USG Ishimura, a massive planetary mining ship that has stopped operating above the planet Aegis VII.

Kendra Daniels, a computer specialist, Zach Hammond, a chief security officer, and Cpls. Hailey Johnston and Aiden Chen, co-pilots and security personnel, make up his crew. 

The crew of the ship is assaulted by Necromorphs while they are looking into a distress call placed by Nicole Brennan, Isaac’s girlfriend, and the ship’s medical officer.

As he seeks to save his remaining crewmates and uncover the truth regarding the sinking of the Ishimura, Isaac is left to fight for himself.

He runs into a number of survivors along the way, including Nicole, horticulturist Elizabeth Cross, engineer Jacob Temple, Cross’s boyfriend, Ishimura Chief Science Officer Terrence Kyne, and the game’s main antagonist, mad scientist Dr. Challus Mercer.

Bug Fix

There is a good probability that this bug has damaged your game if you are trying to sprint but getting no positive outcomes. In this situation, you should start taking it out by going to the Controller Layout tab in the Pause Menu.

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Then, you must click the Clear button next to each key bind that was included in the Control Customization screen to delete it. Even while not all key binds can be deleted, the glitch is said to go away if the majority of them are done so through the menu. 

Following completion of this step, you should save the changes and return to the game to check if the ability has been reinstated. By default, you may sprint by holding down the left analog stick on your controller or by using Shift on your keyboard.

It could be worthwhile returning to the Controller Layout page and then selecting the option to restore all of the keybindings to their default configurations if you are still unable to do so. 

Although this change should permanently resolve the problem, it is not yet known if the problem will be corrected in a subsequent release.

Some people may decide to make changes to the settings for the best performance while in the Options menu. Players of the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S can choose between Performance and Quality modes, while PC users can alter the resolution, lighting, and shadow quality of the game.

Hopefully, your problem should be resolved by now. Thank you for taking the time to read my guide! 

Last Updated on February 4, 2023

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