Demonologist: How To Use Tools To Find Evidence

Fans of horror are rejoicing with the gameplay of Demonologist and the many mysteries it holds. The first-person adventure game is filled with puzzles, quests, and nervy moments for lovers of all things spooky and scary.

There are a number of spirits you will come across as Sarah (player) who is tasked with getting to the secrets and paranormal activities happening in an old haunted mansion.

You will have a great array of tools at your disposal in order to help you navigate the mansion and gather evidence of the happenings. In that regard, the following guide will help players in learning to use the tools and get evidence. 

Demonologist: How to use Tools to Find Evidence

The tools and items with you will be your biggest assets in the game as they search for the spirits. They will lead you to where they are hiding and pick up evidence that will be crucial for your progression. Here are the tools and how to use them: 

Demonologist - all tools

UV Flashlight

Players will require this UV flashlight to notice fingerprints present on various surfaces and objects. The fingerprints are part of the hands so they will be easier to spot, as opposed to individual prints of different fingers. 

Ectoplasma Glass

Press the left-mouse button and activate the Ectoplasma Glass by raising it to your eyes. You will notice signs of the various spirits through their white plasma on walls and other surfaces.

They will be glowing on the Ectoplasma Glass as white paint. 

Spirit Box

Players can speak with the spirit by clicking the left mouse button. The box will be glowing in red over its top right portion which will be the sign that the spirit will be in communication with you. One of your earliest tools to use when you make your way inside. 

ESG Device

One of the toughest tools to master since time is very little often. Since the spirits can appear and vanish very quickly, players have to keep the ESG device in the Entity Room which will give off a visual reading and get it in a single shot.

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That means players have to remain within the room or use a Tripod Camera which will allow them to see the results. 

Demonologist - ESG device

EMF Detector

The EMF detector uses a cockroach in order to determine the level of paranormal activity taking place in the Entity Room. The meter reads 0-5 and a higher reading means the presence of spirit is stronger there. Another tool has to be kept inside the Entity Room so it can be monitored by players. 

Easel Canvas

A third tool that does its work within the Entity Room. There will be spirits communicating with the Easel Canvas painted onto them.

That means you will be able to gather evidence of their presence later on, once they are done. 

Players who have been playing the game for a while may want to follow a particular order when it comes to using the various tools. The Spirit Box will sideline half of the Evidence List typing if the spirit responds.

The EMF Detector leads you to the Entity Room while the Ectoplasma Glass gets you details on the type of spirit and initiates the exorcism. The ESG Device and Easel Canvas can be handled by team members at the HQ and getting these at their respective locations for evidence. 

A good indicator of whether there is a spirit around is your own (Sarah’s) breath. If you see fog while breathing, it means the temperature is freezing, meaning you are in or near the Entity Room.

Additionally, players have to have someone with the Survival Items like Candles, Crucifix, Sanity Pills, and Flashlights so they are not dying or losing their minds. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need when it comes to the several tools required to find evidence. All of the have varied usages which will be necessary as you dive into the game more and more. 

Last Updated on April 4, 2023

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