Demonologist: How To Find And See Tarot Cards And Ouija Board

There are several great elements to Demonologist that really make it a well-rounded horror adventure game. Players have a number of tools at their disposal that will help them in capturing the evidence and drive away the spirits.

You will also come across other stuff which will have an important impact on your gameplay. Specifically, tarot cards and the Ouija board are items that will be of big use throughout the journey.

In that regard, the following guide will help players in understanding how they work and what players have to know about each. 

Demonologist: How to find and use Tarot Cards and Ouija Board

Tarot Cards

These are strong objects which will have an effect on your fate after being drawn. There are several effects and they will vary based on the card. It will have a major impact as to the player’s life immediately after.

Tarot Cards are 10 in total and every deck has 10 draws for players. You will have the chance to get the same card many times. The decks are found all over the three maps, mostly on tables, and can be spotted easily enough. Here is what each Tarot Card does in the game: 

Demonologist - Tarot Cards

VoidDraw a different card
The DevilImproves the entity’s paranormal activity
AngelRevives a fallen teammate
SunBetters Sanity
DeathTurns on Hunt and entity attacks
SlaveDisallows entity from switching rooms
MoonDecreases Sanity
GuillotineKills whoever holds the card
Flame of Fate Increases or decreases Sanity
Aggressive Enhances the entity’s aggressive nature

Players who are going into the game alone are advised not to use Tarot Cards too much as they mainly have a negative impact. You should possess a Crucifix for when the hunt starts while the Guillotine remains deadly.

Players who get the Moon should go for another draw to see if they get the Sun card to balance out the effect. You can also store up on the Tarot Cards to help teammates later on through the Angel card if they die. 

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Ouija Board

Ouija Boards can be found at random and are often seen on the floor, giving off a blinking light for you to notice easily. The functions of the Ouija Board are the same as everyone is familiar with where you can ask about a spirit’s location or age.

Nevertheless, you will be continuously losing sanity while it stays in your possession so do let go of it after you are done. However, if the Ouija Broad breaks, the spirit can get offended and start a hunt. 

Demonologist - Ouija Board

Players can ask questions like “where are you?”, “How old are you?”, “Are you here?” and the like. Additionally, do remember to say “goodbye” after you are done or the spirit may get angry.

Ideally, players should use the Ouija Board only when they are thoroughly unable to find spirits due to the negative effects it poses. 

While on Easy Mode, the Ouija Board does not do much damage but it can be lethal while you are on Normal or Hard mode. If there is a hunt started and the spirit is at a distance, do run while you have the time.

Players will be able to hide in the second and third maps while the first one has you running through the living room and kitchen. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need when it comes to the Tarot Cards and Ouija Board. They are vital to a player’s journey and progress in the game so you should be using them carefully when required or necessary. 

Last Updated on April 4, 2023

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