Destiny 2 – How To Earn The Ghoul Title In Ghosts of the Deep

The newly released Season of the Deep has now introduced its unique dungeon below the ocean of Titan. It is appropriately titled ‘Ghosts of the Deep,’ and Destiny 2 players are diving into everything there is to explore.

You will have a brand-new Exotic trace rifle, special Hive armor, and a coveted unique title. The introduction of titles recently has been a big hit with players and is a sign of enormous respect and honor. In that regard, the following guide will help players get the ‘Ghoul’ title in Ghosts of the Deep, which is no easy feat. 

Destiny 2: Season of the Deep – How to Earn the Ghoul Title

The requirement for earning the newly introduced Ghoul title is that players finish 10 Triumphs in the new season. The Triumphs are available from the Ghosts of the Deep main screen.

The Triumphs together will ensure the players have a complete knowledge and skill set for taking down the dungeon. You must be ready with different subclasses, builds, and styles to finish all the requested Triumphs. After you have completed all of them, the Ghoul title will be ready for you to use and have. 

Destiny 2 - Season of the Deep - Ghoul Title Triumphs

Here is the complete list of Triumphs that you will have to go through:


This Triumph will be completed as soon as you finish your first run of the Ghosts of the Deep dungeon—a nice and straightforward one for players. 

Abyssal Void

Players must finish the Ghosts of the Deep dungeon by being a fireteam member, where everyone has the Void subclass. The three main encounters will be taken as individual, separate ones. 

In Memoriam

You will finish this Triumph after having collected each hidden memory present all across the Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon. There are quite a few, so players must be watchful when they go after them. 

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Alone in the Deep

You will be rewarded this Triumph once you finish the entire Ghosts of the Deep dungeon alone through a single run. A bonus of this Triumph is that it will enhance the chances of the newly minted Navigator Exotic trace rifle dropping. 

Shock Risk

Players have to complete the full Ghosts of the Deep dungeon using a fireteam with all the Arc subclasses present. As before, the three major encounters are taken individually. 


Players must finish the Ghosts of the Deep dungeon by keeping the Master difficulty that elevates the Light level to 1840 and brings in the Championship. 

Destiny 2 - Season of the Deep - Completing Triumphs

Fire Hazard

As the name suggests, players must keep a fireteam where everyone has the Solar subclasses equipped, and the three encounters will be taken as their single clears. 

The Trinity

Once you finish the Ghosts of the Deep dungeon, you will earn this by having a complete fire team of clan mates. 

One of a Kind

After finishing the dungeon, you will be rewarded this Triumph using a fireteam of the same class throughout. Either of the Hunter, Warlock, or Titan classes will be enough.

Ghosts of the Deep

Players must earn all the objects and collectibles present as part of the dungeon itself. It means players must have weapons, armor, The Navigator Exotic, items, and more. The Collections menu lets you check how much you have collected and what is left. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need to earn the Ghoul title. It is certainly something that will take time and effort, given the number of Triumphs involved. Follow our Destiny 2 page for all the latest updates, guides, news, and fixes about the Season of the Deep. 

Last Updated on May 28, 2023

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