Destiny 2: How To Get Hothead Rocket Launcher And God Rolls

The annual summer event Solstice of Heroes is coming to an end in Destiny 2. There has been a lot of chatter regarding some of the best weapons, with the Hothead Rocket Launcher firmly in the conversation.

It is of the Legendary class and its Adaptive Frame Arc helps more by giving it a stronger grip. Furthermore, its perk combinations make it a superb weapon in a variety of environments against all sorts of enemies.

The following guide will help players with everything they need to know in order to acquire the Hothead Rocket Launcher and the best perks. 

Destiny 2 - Hothead Rocket Launcher

Destiny 2: How to get Hothead?

The Hothead Rocket Launcher is part of the Arc 3.0 subclass. It is the last of its kind awaiting an overhaul after Void 3.0 in Season 16 and Solar 3.0 in Season 17.

However, there is very little known about the upcoming Season 18 and what it might have in store with regards to the Arc 3.0. Nevertheless, there has been expectations that much of it could follow what has previously transpired with the other subclasses.

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Therefore, players should be prepared for seasonal mods, Fragments, Aaspects, and more – all of which makes the weapon advantageous for players.  

  • The only way to get the Hothead Launcher is through finishing a Nightfall mission which has the weapon as its reward of the week.
  • Additionally, if players defeat a GM Nightfall, they will be getting The Hothead (Adept) which can be used for Adept weapon mods in the Rocket Launcher.

Players should definitely get the god roll of the adept version which can be received after finishing Grandmaster Nightfalls. The weapon is available in the current week, and you can even pick up two of them as the double-reward bonus is also active for a short period of time in Nightfall activities. 

Destiny 2 - Hothead Rocket Launcher Perks

Destiny 2: Hothead Rocket Launcher perks

The perks for the Hothead Rocket Launcher follow much of the same style as the other weapons of this kind. This means that players have to concentrate their focus on the third and fourth columns, as opposed to the first and second.

  • However, perks like Volatile Launch, Confined Launch, and Quick Launch are all great options to have for the first column.
  • All weapons of this kind make use of High-Velocity Rounds, Impact Casing, or Black Powder as their second column option. Alloy Casing is a solid option for PvE as the reload speed gets significantly better. 

The following are some of the combinations that players should definitely get their hands on: 

  • Field Prep/Clown Cartridge
  • Auto-Loading/Lasting Impression or Vorpal Weapon
  • Tracking Module/Lasting Impression or Vorpal Weapon

Thus, this is all players have to know about the Hothead Rocket Launcher and its god rolls. It is certainly a very powerful weapon which will benefit them a lot in combat. 

Last Updated on August 7, 2022

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