Soul Hackers 2 | Endless Boot Screen And Wrong Monitor Bug Fix

In Soul Hackers 2 discover a supernatural role-playing game with fashionable summoners and sinister threats hiding behind the neon lights of a cyberpunk Japan. Aion agent Ringo has the responsibility of averting the end of the world.

Unable to launch the game? A “spinning crystal of doom” has you stuck? Additionally, the game will behave impertinently by switching to the incorrect display. You should read this manual (until they fix it).

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Endless Boot Screen And Wrong Monitor Bug Fix For Soul Hackers 2

Workaround For “Wrong Monitor” Bug

The Problem

Multiple monitors are available in Windows’ “Extend display” option. The game puts itself into fullscreen on the other monitor despite your best efforts to bring it back to the one you want it to appear on. Not even Borderless Gaming functions.


Root Cause Of The Problem

The game’s code was written with specific presumptions in mind. Several of these are flawed. When you have mismatched monitors installed, the problem is greater. Whichever monitor has a greater maximum refresh rate will perform better in the game. 

  • The default monitor you’ve selected for the game seems to be completely ignored. 
  • The monitor number displayed by Windows does not appear to match the monitor number used by the game.

The Fix

In the end, game developers should let the OS dictate how the game behaves, but until/unless that happens, you can (on Windows) focus on the game window and then press the ALT+Enter keyboard combination.

Any fullscreen application gets turned into a windowed one using this keyboard shortcut, which you can then drag to any other window.

  • The game’s reported resolution should then be recognized by Windows and updated (which you can confirm in the Settings).
  • But you aren’t done yet.
  • Then, in Display Settings, you must set the monitor that the game sees to be the opposite of what Windows reports.

You have a Monitor 1 and a Monitor 2 for dual monitor. Although Windows treats Monitor 1 as the “most probable” display you’re looking at, this is frequently incorrect, Monitor 1 isn’t always your primary monitor.

These cannot be renumbered, although you can tell Windows which monitor should be the main one; Soul Hackers 2 simply ignores this setting.

  • If the monitor you desire is Monitor 1 in Windows, alter the game’s configuration to be 2 after moving and resizing the window by entering the opposite number of the monitor you started at.
  • The setting SHOULD be maintained.

If not, try the other number and repeat the solution steps. It should be noted that this may or may not persist across sessions; hence, after you exit the game, it may immediately switch to the other monitor. I put it to the test and found that it seems to remember where I put it.

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Fix For Endless Boot Screen Bug


The actions listed below are just being offered as a service. Proceed at YOUR OWN RISK; doing so may erase any saved game progress, but it is the only solution currently available (so the save won’t work anyhow). Since the full effects of this are not yet known, skip this step if you lack confidence.

  • Just be aware that you won’t be able to start the game until the developers fix this problem. 
  • Also, keep in mind: It should work to restore access if you delete just those two files, however, you risk experiencing corruption once more.
  • If you remove the entire SOULHACKERS2 folder, the cloud saves should be cleaned out (in theory).

It’s up to you which way you go. I was unable to even manually save, so I simply erased the folder to ensure that absolutely nothing was left behind. Although you should proceed at your own risk, deleting the two.DAT files should be sufficient if you had progressed far enough in the game to desire to keep your save.

The Problem

You were able to play the game, but when you started again, you were unable to move past the “spinning crystal of doom” startup screen.

Root Cause Of The Problem

ATLUS/SEGA lacks the knowledge necessary to create software that checks the consistency of files and fixes problems when they arise. As a result, when cloud saves are enabled, they frequently become corrupted during sync; even if you manually re-sync, you will only be syncing damaged data files.
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The Solution

The game’s local user data file store has to be deleted. You must go to your Roaming AppData folder in Windows.

Your path would be C:\Users\JSmith\AppData\Roaming if Steam was installed on the C: disc and your login name were “JSmith.” To access the primary folder, open any other Windows Explorer folder and type that into the address box.

  • Next, travel down to the SystemData folder by first opening the SEGA and SOULHACKERS2 folders.
  • As a result, you will enter (from the route above):
  • AppData\Roaming\SEGA\SOULHACKERS2\Steam\150288879\SaveData\SYSTEMDATA
  • Then delete, “data.dat” and “systemdata.dat”.

You should be able to just delete the entire SOULHACKERS2 folder if you have never created a manual save because you never went that far. This will ensure that there are no more corrupt files present. The game should now operate properly. If not, you might have to disable cloud save and go through the process again.

Last Updated on August 31, 2022

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