Diablo Immortal: How To Find And Defeat The Skeleton King

The latest edition of the Diable franchise has been a welcome surprise for fans and gamers alike. After the problems with Diablo 3, developers Blizzard took the concerns seriously and served up a serious upgrade. The gameplay is better, the graphics look much sharper, and Diablo Immortal supports controller play on both its PC and mobile version.

A total win-win for users of both devices. Thus, players immerse themselves in the engaging gameplay and the first major quest is titled ‘Mad King’s Breach.’ The mission is completed when you defeat The Skeleton King, who is the dungeon boss. Therefore, battling the him will be one of the key tasks you do in the game’s early stages. 

Players will be familiar with this boss, who appeared as Mad King Leoric in Diablo 3. The following guide will help players in finding the Skeleton King, and then slaying him in order to pick up some sweet rewards. 

Diablo Immortal - The Skeleton King

Diablo Immortal: Finding the Skeleton King

The first quest, Mad King’s Breach, happens in Ashwold Manor and Cemetery. After making your through the dungeon, players will have to see off two mini-bosses before meeting the Skeleton King.

You will find yourselves in a darkened room having a blue flame. The Skeleton King is seated on a throne, before jumping out and exclaiming, “The warmth of life has no place among the damned!”

Some players may get nervous seeing his 23,000 HP, but it is nothing to fear if you know the right tactics. Like most bosses in the game, The Skeleton King will have to defeated in two phases. However, be wary of the skeleton armies and archers he will summon to attack you during your battle. 

Skeleton King first phase: Melee attacks

The initial phase of fighting Skeleton King is the easier part. His main weapon is the mace which he swings in every direction, trying to cause damage. Whether you are battling as a wizard, necromancer, or demon hunter, make sure to not be in the hitting arc.

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Use your ranged attacks, while the necromancer can call upon an army of minions. Likewise, the demon hunter’s arrows can prove to be highly effective. Melee classes like crusader, barbarian, and monk will take damage. Players should target the aforementioned archers and skeletal armies first.

Furthermore, you will be able to see some attacks of the Skeleton King beforehand when he is winding up. Take adequate protection measures and pickup the health globes that fill up life during the battle. 

Diablo Immortal - Fighting The Skeleton King

Skeleton King second phase: Stronger Mounted attacks

After Skeleton King’s health falls to half, he will change into the second phase. Alongside continuing to have skeletal fighters and archers, he will have two new attacks now. One of those will include the Skeleton King will get on a horse and attack you. However, you can see this attack coming as the horse will be on its hind legs and a blue rectangle appears, indicating the direction of the attack.

Therefore, you can avoid the attack by moving out of the way in time. Having attacked, the Skeleton King will have a cool down period which provides the perfect opportunity for players to charge.

Coming to the second attack, this involves the horse stomps on the player repeatedly. Though you can see it coming, if it hits, you will be stunned and vulnerable to the Skeleton King’s attacks.

Players can finish this battle quicker with ranged characters, and be wary of the flaming walls in this phase. After defeating the Skeleton King, you will have gold and equipment to gain. Players will now go back to Westmarch. 

Last Updated on July 11, 2022

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