Dinkum | Beginner’s Guide, Tips and Tricks

G’Day! In Dinkum, prepare to begin a new, honest-to-goodness existence and construct your new house in the wilderness.

Discover hot deserts, cold billabongs, and tropical eucalyptus trees on an island that was inspired by the unruly Australian outback. Play with pals, take care of enormous wombats, and get ready for a blast! Here I am going to talk about some basic tips and tricks you should know before beginning the game.

Beginner’s Guide, Tips & Tricks For Dinkum

Burying Seeds

  1.  Get a shovel; if you obtain an excavation permit, John will sell it to you.
  2.  Create a hole. The soil will stay till later in the shovel.
  3.  Acquire any seed that has the “Bury” attribute.
  4.  Place precisely 1 seed from your stock onto the hole. Verify that the seed is indeed present. Drag and drop items from the inventory or press Q on the hotbar, these are your two options.
  5.  Pull out the shovel once again, and add dirt to the opening where the seed was.
  6.  The seed has now been sown, and it will flourish!
  7. Rather than using packages of seeds, you’ll need to hoe the ground and scatter the seeds there, after borrowing a hoe from the botanist who will periodically visit.

Fixing The Camera

  1. By pressing ESC, choose Settings.
  2. Select the Third Tab (Game Controller)
  3. Click the “Mouse Always Move Camera” checkbox under “Camera Settings.”
  4. When you change this setting, your camera behaves in a manner similar to that of “Free Look.” If you disliked the direction of movement but wanted to maintain the camera’s original feel, check the box labeled “Invert Y Axis.”
  5. After choosing “Mouse Always Move Camera,” if you don’t choose “Invert Y-Axis,” it will continue to move in the same direction as the original camera.


  1. Await the fish’s first bite of the bait.
  2. Press the left-click button once only when the water appears like the image given below.
  3. The fish is currently in sicko mode; you can either spam left clicks to reel it in more quickly or wait for him to cool off.
  4. Once the fish has calmed down, you can reel him in until he starts acting ill again.
  5. Repeat
  6. You can also repeatedly click left when the fish is in sicko mode to reel it in more quickly. However, never hold the left click as this will damage your fishing line.
  7. Another thing I found is that when it’s in sicko mode, you may start reeling it in again without the metre going up as soon as the tail appears to be under water.
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Finding Home Quickly

Your house or any other custom marker can be marked on the map so that it is always visible on the compass. Simply click on it or hit the A button on the map to activate it. Press the Right Click or X button to remove a custom marking.


  1. You must identify all four towers.
  2. Each tower requires eight cables, two batteries, three motherboards, a CD, and one phone.
  3. Consequently, there will be a total of 8 Batteries, 12 Motherboards, 4 CDs, 4 Phones, and 32 Cables.
  4. Get inside a tower now.
  5. Open the map to the location to which you want to be teleported


Fixing left click not working

After pressing the Windows key, click back to the game.

Thank you for reading, I hope you find these tricks useful!

Last Updated on July 17, 2022

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