PowerWash Simulator: How To Find And Clean The Mars Rover Hatch

The relaxing and easy-going environment of PowerWash Simulator is helping drive a lot of fans. Players have to use their main power washer to clean a variety of objects, vehicles, houses, and more.

They will progress through levels and upgrade their business to earn more rewards. One of the most unique items that players will be asked to clean is the Mars Rover.

Yes, indeed, it is based on the actual rover used by NASA. While cleaning it is no big issue, there is a hatch that may give players trouble. Therefore, the following guide will help players in cleaning the hatch of the Mars Rover. 

PowerWash Simulator - Mars Rover

PowerWash Simulator: Why this vehicle?

The Mars Rover is a popular object of fascination for games, movies, and TV shows. It had already made a sizeable appearance in the mega-hit The Big Bang Theory.

NASA partnered with Epic Games, developers of PowerWash Simulator, to bring the Mars Rover in the game. The design of it is based on the Perseverance rover.

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It was launched by NASA in July 2020, before starting its journey on Mars in February 2021. The addition of this unique vehicle in the game will certainly give players a nice nugget of information and intrigue while playing. 

PowerWash Simulator: Where is the hatch of Mars Rover?

Coming to the main topic, finding and cleaning the above mentioned hatch of the Mars Rover. Indeed, the hatch is not on the Mars Rover itself or connected to the vehicle.

That means you have to travel a bit away from the vehicle in order to find it. However, do not stray too far as to lose sight of the Mars Rover, but just head to the front end of the rover.

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PowerWash Simulator - Mars Rover Hatch

It is where the cameras are present, and you will have to approach it. There will be a small hill that you will have to traverse, before reaching a garden gnome on the ground. The hatch, in the shape of a triangle, is located just beside the gnome. 

Now that you have found, you have to clean it with the washer of your choosing. Though the hatch is not too big, it will take some time before it is completely awash of the dirt.

Most likely it will be your final task at this level, as the Mars Rover is presumably already clean before coming here. Nevertheless, you will get the indicator that the vehicle is 100% clean from the top left corner of the screen. 

Thus, this is all players need to know when approaching the Mars Rover challenge in the game. It is not an overtly difficult level, but can get tricky with the hatch part. Therefore, knowing its position will hold the key in progressing quickly.

Last Updated on July 17, 2022

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