Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Find Wall-E And Get Friendship Rewards

There are a number of beloved characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley that players can access across different franchises. One of the cutest and friendliest has been the introduction of Wall-E who will become your buddy as you move on with the storyline. Wall-E is a shy character so you may not get enough words from him but his sweetness more than makes up for it.

Players will have to reach a certain point far into the game in order to be eligible for the updates that the developers have given recently. This also includes new items, areas, and recipes that you can explore and find with Wall-E as your partner. In that regard, the following guide will help players with all the information surrounding Wall-E, how to unlock him, and what to do. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley - Wall-E

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to find Wall-E

There is a chance to reach Wall-E almost immediately after starting the game. Players have to sweep away the huge thorns in front of the castle and make their way within alongside Merlin. Once you interact with him, he will give you the option of choosing one out of three doors.

The choices are a restaurant housing a wonderful chef, an ocean by a demigod, and a lonely planet where a robot resides. Of course, the last option is the one you have to opt for if you want to find Wall-E in the game. 

After you travel through the pathway, you will find yourself on a planet where there is a lot of rubbish. Upon going to the other side, there will be Wall-E, stuck in the mud and unable to move. That is why you will have to go in search of a different track that will help Wall-E escape his situation.

You will come across two storage containers, but one of them has no handle. Players have to discard the litter around them and start digging wherever the floor is shining. After you get the handle, use it to unlock the storage container and he will now be able to move around again.

Wall-E’s favorite pastime is making cubes out of the trash so you will have to collect trash and make trash cubs through the crafting table via the functional items tab. Additionally, you will have to sow eight Special Seeds and watch them grow.

The Seeds can be found within the storage containers and while digging as well. Once the eight plants are ready, Wall-E will start trusting you even further but will still refuse to return to the Dreamlight Valley alongside you. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley - Wall-E finding

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to make Wall-E come with you

Players will have to come back to Merlin for help and he will advise them to meet up with the rest of the gang. Scrooge McDuck will hand over a fire extinguisher to you upon giving him two Garnets. You will have to mine for rocks around the location, especially the red minerals, and after getting a couple, get the fire extinguisher. 

Mickey is next,  and he will want to give you a bouncy ball present on his couch and wall. Finally, you will come across Goofy who has found a boot containing a plant inside at the pond.

He urges you to go look for the other part. Now, having all the materials at hand, travel back to Wall-E’s planet to hand over everything you have. It will be what is needed to get Wall-E to come back with you. 

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The final task for players will be to have a house made for Wall-E. When you find an apt area, select the Furniture menu and simply make the home. You will have to part with 2,000 Star coins as fee for Scrooge to build the house.

That is all for Wall-E settling into the village,  and he will be providing you with flowers and plants every day from the garden present. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley: What are the Friendship Rewards for Wall-E

Players have been receiving prizes and gifts upon continued interactions with villagers and other characters. You can simply talk, meet, and participate in missions with them. Consequently, you will keep getting rewarded for the same as the levels rise. For Wall-E, you will be in line for the below gifts: 

Disney Dreamlight Valley - Wall-E valley

  • Level 2: Wall-E plant holder
  • Level 3: 500 Star coins
  • Level 4: 500 Star coins
  • Level 5: Yellow bike
  • Level 6: 1,000 Star coins
  • Level 7: 1,000 Star coins
  • Level 8: Wall-E wall decoration
  • Level 9: 3,000 Star coins
  • Level 10: Wall-E companion pack

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to get a Wall-E companion pack at Level 10

The final reward will be the best but that is not easy to get as players have to make progress on other fronts as well. The new update makes it mandatory that players will have to complete a quest, ‘The Astronomy Club,’ alongside reaching Level 10.

However, before you get access to the quest, players have to unlock Buzz Lightyear, Prince Eric, and the Frosted Heights biome alongside searching for Wall-E’s memory before Forgetting. This can be done only via sweeping away night thorns. 

Coming to the quest at hand, the Astronomy Club is something that Wall-E wants to set up but there are no takers initially. You will have to make invitations for all the villagers using three Paper and three Ink Vials. The Ink Vials can be made using three Black Passion Lilies while the Paper can be crafted from three softwoods. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley - Wall-E companion

Once the invitations are ready, you are all set to build the telescope using the following items: 

  • 2 Gold Ingots: They can be made from five Gold Nuggets and a piece of coal. Gold Nuggets are available when players mine in Frosted Heights, Forgotten Lands, and Sunlit Plateau. Coal is easily gettable from biomes all around.
  • 4 Iron Ingots: This requires a piece of coal and five Iron Ore. Iron Ore is available in plenty across mining the regions of Sunlit Plateau, Forgotten Lands, Forest of Valor, Glade of Trust, and Forgotten Lands. 
  • 5 Glass: You will need five Sand and coal again. Dazzle Beach has sand as you dig and you can better your chances if you have a Digging partner as well. 
  • 6 Tinkering Parts: Players have to find two Iron Ingots and they can be crafted through the steps mentioned above here. 

Once you have the items, go for crafting the telescope and you are all set to give it to Wall-E and complete the quest and get the reward. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need when it comes to finding and rescuing Wall-E before increasing their friendship levels. It can be a very cute and fun journey for players as they travel together and have fun.

Last Updated on January 13, 2023

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