Destiny 2: WENDIGO GL3 God Rolls and Weapon Guide

The latest rotation of Nightfall in Destiny 2 saw guardians in a raffle to get the much-awaited WENDIGO GL3. You may ask what is the buzz all about regarding this legendary grenade launcher. Well, in the current meta of the game paired with a few builds, this GL becomes very potent, and can easily help you to do end-game content.

Destiny 2’s end-game is not that easy, and definitely for the casual gamers, hence it requires a Grenade Launcher like WENDIGO GL3 that can sustain damage, ammo, and handling to make your time worthwhile in the high-level contents of the game. Let us take a look at this weapon, and check out what makes this comeback worthy for the guardians.

WENDIGO GL3 Weapon Guide and God Rolls

WENDIGO GL3 god rolls and weapon guide

WENDIGO GL3 was a sensation back in the pre-vaulting stages of Destiny 2. I personally missed this grenade launcher a lot when it got vaulted. It is a refreshing sight to watch when a weapon like this comes back to the game, and that too with a brand new set of perks. This may push the question of how to get it in the first place.

Well, the simple answer to this is doing Nightfall in the Vanguard Playlist. The current ongoing Nightfall in Vanguard called Warden of Nothing will give you a chance of getting the WENDIGO GL3 as a reward for the Nightfall completion. From January 17th, 2023 onwards, doing the same Nightfall in Grandmaster Difficulty will give you the Adept version of WENDIGO GL3.

  • In short, do Nightfall (Warden of Nothing and onwards) for the normal version
  • Do Grandmaster Nightfall for Warden of Nothing for Adept Version of Wendigo GL3


Having the concept of how to get the weapon, we now enter the section where we see the god roll for this Grenade Launcher. First, we see the PvE God Roll for it:

  • Confined Launch – Increases Stability and most importantly, Blast Radius. This is much needed to do more damage while keeping the weapon stable.
  • Spike Grenades – Does more damage on direct hits which is what you want from a Grenade Launcher
  • Auto-Loading Holster or Clown Cartridge – In this column, you want to look for ammo management for sustained damage. Swapping to a different weapon to do damage and swapping back to this is a good move here. That is why I recommend auto-loading here.
  • Explosive Light, Cascade Point, or Frenzy – I personally prefer Cascade Point because of the speed at which it fires when you proc it. Explosive Light depends on the orbs you pick up so it is situational. Frenzy is also a decent option here.
  • Stunning Recovery or Vanguard’s Vindication – I use the latter because I sometimes need HP in between battles. You can opt for the former if you want health regen and recovery as well.
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wendigo gl3 god roll


When it comes down to the PvP aspect of things, the perks are less flexible and you only have finite options here. I would say that WENDIGO is purely made for PvE because of the combination of perks it rolls with, but you can always try it out on PvP as well:

  • Counter Mass – Controls recoil and Increases Handling. Self-explanatory when it comes to PvP.
  • Proximity Grenades – In Player Versus Player -20 damage is fine because you can still one-shot guardians with the launcher. Proximity Grenades increase the detection radius for the blast, hence helping you secure the kill from a distance.
  • Auto-Loading Holster – The requirement for reloading can be tedious in PvP hence autoloading is the way to go here. Swapping in between heavy and other weapons is clutch in many situations.
  • Explosive Light or Frenzy – Either of them works but I would prefer Frenzy since it procs automatically.
  • The Intrinsic perk is flexible and you can select whichever you want.

wendigo gl3 pvp god roll

WENDIGO GL3 Masterwork and Mod Preference

I personally found out that Velocity Masterwork is the way to go here. This applies to both PvP and PvE. That is because the grenades have a travel time. Decreasing the travel time can come in clutch in both aspects of the game, hence it helps out with all the content that the game can throw at you. Here are the rest of the preferences:

  • Reload Speed (In case you do not have Auto-Loading Holster)
  • Blast Radius (Increased ad clear and damage)

In terms of Mods to use, the no-brainer mod to go for in PvE is Boss Spec. Increases boss DPS and that paired with Full Court or Cascade Point will deal massive damage to the bosses. Backup Mag and Major Spec are also good options for this slot but these two depend on personal preference.

Some builds you can use this weapon with are the Gyrfalcon build for Hunter, or the Titan DPS Build. This also goes well with the Starfire Protocol build for Warlock. Take your time in farming this weapon, or even better, its adept version. Let me know how you are enjoying using WENDIGO GL3 if you already own one.

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Last Updated on January 13, 2023

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