Dredge | How To Get Secret Fishing Equipment

This tutorial will show you how to obtain some free, eerie fishing equipment in return for specific species. There are four pieces of meaty fishing equipment that aren’t found through quests, so I thought I’d put together a quick guide for anyone who’s interested. To obtain them, you must place specific fish into their shrines. 

Secret Fishing Equipment Guide For Dredge

This guide may reveal some spoilers so proceed at your own discretion.

Sinew Spindle

This is a clear improvement over both the starter pole and the flexible fishing pole that comes with research. It’s also quite simple to obtain. We only need five cod.

Mouth of the Deep

This is a large and sturdy crab pot that you can obtain in return for one decorator crab and two rock crabs. Both can be caught with the standard crab pot at the Gale Cliffs, although the decorator crab only occurs at depths of 5 metres or less.

Viscera Crane

This crane is capable of catching both abyssal and hadal fish. It can be found at Stellar Basin in exchange for one of the four shark types: hammerhead, blacktip reef, bronze whaler, and ghost.

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The first and fourth may be found in the Stellar Basin, while the second and third can be found in the Marrows (blacktip only comes out at night).

The ghost shark sighting is located far out at sea, between Stellar Basin and the gold cultist island (K2). Apart for the ghost shark, they should all be catchable with normal ocean fishing equipment.

First, you must assist the researcher in Stellar Basin in obtaining equipment capable of fishing in abyssal waters.

Tendon Rod

This rod is suitable for shallow, marine, and mangrove seas. You can obtain it by trading in any aberration at the shrine.

 I may have overlooked one of them. Kindly notify me in the comments section below. Do checkout our other guides on Dredge from the Latest Posts Section in our Homepage. 

Last Updated on April 6, 2023

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