Elden Ring: Axes and Greataxes Ranked from Best to Worst

Your selection of Axes will have an impact on speed and offensive capabilities. The following list will help you understand the best and worst Axes and Greataxes in Elden Ring, depending on power, what kind of effect they have, and the damage inflicted. 

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Elden Ring: Axes Tier List

Elden Ring is littered with Axes and Greataxes. Each one is special and can be wielded for any purpose you want. These weapons help you fight battles in a much better manner, while players can also finish tasks with them. Elden Ring provides you with the opportunity to have various kinds of Axes and Greataxes.

Jawbone Axe A
Highland AxeA
Iron CleaverA
Battle Axe A
Celebrant’s Cleaver B
Warped AxeB
Icerind HatchetB
Hand AxeC
Forked Hatchet C
Ripple BladeC
Stormhawk AxeS
Sacrificial AxeS
Rosus’ AxeS

The best of the Axes 

  • Forked Hatchet

This axe helps in initiating the bleed status in the Elden Ring. It has sizeable damage-inflicting capability and players can hit enemies multiple times to continue the bleed effect. However, this axe will break eventually, so you may want to have a backup handy. 

  • Highland Axe

This axe is filled with a War Cry ability, and players can use this weapon to show off their great strength. The presence of the previously mentioned skill enhances the damage dealt to enemies, too. 

  • Jawbone Axe

A simple axe that does the job with brute force. It does not have any special powers. Moreover, the absence of sharp, damaging edges will hinder the players in many situations. However, the axe can still be helpful against huge enemies with maximum power damage needed. 

  • Rosus’ Axe

This axe is most useful due to its stunning side effect. It allows players to call upon three skeletons during battles, who deal massive amounts of damage. Though the base power of the axe is not great, this nifty ability more than makes up for it. 

  • Iron Cleaver

Another axe has some hidden gems inside while using it. Players can track enemies on the move, and the axe can travel long distances, which is always beneficial. Therefore, the best places to use this axe would be to fight indoor battles and, obviously, on the move against enemies. 

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Elden Ring: Greataxes Tier List

Rusted AnchorA
Great Omenkiller CleaverA
Axe of GodrickA
Crescent Moon AxeA
Executioner’s GreataxeA
Longhaft AxeA
Gargoyle’s Great AxeB
Butchering KnifeB
Winged GreathornB
Gargoyle’s Black AxeS

The best of the Greataxes 

  • Axe of Godrick

This greataxe has a huge amount of base damage alongside a suitable weapon skill. It is a great weapon for players to inflict serious amounts of damage over a relatively short period. 

  • Crescent Moon Axe

The axe will make players susceptible to taking more damage from monsters. Therefore, it is clear that this axe is not at par with other axes of its kind. However, once you upgrade the axe, its base damage will increase relevant to the damage output. Nevertheless, this axe makes good use when it reaches this point. 

  • Executioner’s Axe

This axe can be found with any blacksmith in the game. Players will find that this axe is not too great in any stats.

However, the only positive is the critical hit weight it deals with enemies. Needless to say, players will have to keep upgrading the axe during the game. Its attacking power is directly relevant to the increase in player power over the game. 

  • Great Omenkiller Cleaver

One of the greatest axes in Elden Ring across all tiers. The axe’s base damage is one of the best, alongside the nice effect of inducing ‘bleed.’ Bleed is a great advantage to have in the game, which players will make use of as they go on. Moreover, the art on this axe will also help in racking up attacks in a useful manner. 

  • Greataxe

Players will find this axe quickly in Elden Ring, and it will remain a strong weapon for the entire game. Players must have Strength 30 to wield this, and it complements well as the game goes on. The art, Barbaric Roar, also increases the damage rating of the axe overall. 

Elden Ring Axes and Greataxes: Final Thoughts

Elden Rings provides its players with a fascinating array of axes and greataxes throughout the game. Though there are several other weapons available, these two can be a significant addition to the player’s offensive potential. 

Last Updated on February 13, 2024

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