Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate- Daemonhunters: How To Beat Mortarion In The Final Battle

The end of the road is in sight. Players have had a long and arduous path leading up to this point.  Draigo is with you and you have seen the end of Kadex. Now, the creator of The Bloom awaits.

The Pale King aka Mortarion. The final task in Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate- Daemonhunters is to slay the demi-god himself. Players have to be extremely wary of Mortarion because he is the real deal. His stats are off the charts, and his mechanics make him unkillable.


Therefore, there is no way to finish Mortarion off in a matter of seconds. It is a long battle because of his superior dominance. Therefore, players have to hold their ground and dig in. Moreover, you also have to contend with the Death Guard as the final battle heats up to the fullest. 

How to Beat Mortarion In Warhammer 40k: Chaos Gate-Daemonhunters

More than just a fight

As mentioned above, Mortarion is not your average foe. Therefore, players have to full use of the two squads at their disposal, with Kaldor Drago heading the Vanguard against Mortarion himself. Meanwhile, your rear will have to deal with legions of Death Guard to protect the citadel and keep the Prince of Decay inside. 

Mortarion’s stats make for grim reading for players facing the ultimate boss. His 200HP health is way more than any previous enemy. Furthermore, his 10 Armour is immune from breaking completely.

Moreover, a mind-boggling -50% chance of Critical Hits means that several attacks will be futile if they do not have bonuses tied along. Similarly, Mortarion is rapid in his movement, again, way faster than any boss you have met before. Furthermore, he is a bit fallible against Stun (10), but will still be more than a handy match. Needless to say, it will be the fight of your life in all aspects. 

The attacks and abilities of Mortarion

The following list is the full scale of Mortarion’s attacking prowess: 

AttackType of attack What it does 
Reaping ScytheSpread Mortarion uses a spread attack of Arc 120 and Range 5. It inflicts 5 damage and includes a 50% chance to deal Hobbled or Knockback for one turn. 
LanternSpreadMortarion attacks with his plasma gun. It has Range 16, and Arc 5 while impacting 5 damage. Moreover, the attack has Knockback and Armour Pierce, and cannot be controlled by Cover. 
Deny The WitchPsychic Spread An attack having Arc 15, Range 12. A Knight who is hit will be silenced for a turn. 
SilenceMeleeMortarion hits a closer Knight which inflicts 8 damage. It has Knockback, Armour Break 2, and Hobbled for the next turn. 
ImprisonPsychic MeleeA very important attack, as Mortarion will try to claim Draigo’s soul and body for Grandfather Nurgle. Therefore, Draigo’s HP cannot get to 0 because that will end the battle unless Disrupted. 
Barban PlateSupportMortarion will get back a demolished Target Point before his turn starts. 
Power of the BloomPsychic SupportMortarion joins himself to any of the five Bloom Roots. Therefore, he will be healed along with getting a Bloom ability. All of it before his turn begins. 
Phospex BombsPsychic SupportMortarion calls upon two Phospex Carriers for dropping bombs on Knights

As you can see, Mortarion is the king boss. Moreover, he will be getting more bonus abilities during the fight too. Therefore, it is clear that he will wreak havoc on you and your guards. Lantern and Silence are greatly effective.

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The former inflicts incredibly high damage, has a massive arc, and bypasses armor. The only way to stop this will be a Critical Hit, but till then, players have to be careful in how they deal. Meanwhile, Silence will decrease the movement of your Knights and inflicts high base damage.

Warhammer 40 000 Chaos Gate Daemonhunters Hands Off Preview 5

Mortarion is super fast so Hobbled is another bonus. Draigo has to be around for your winning hopes. However, Draigo himself has to be wary of a big thing. Imprison is the mother of all attacks.

Mortarion can pound Draigo into submission and can finish the battle. Therefore, players must keep Draigo away from directly fighting Mortarion too much. Barban Plate revives any Target Points a player finishes off. So, players have to keep hitting in a Critical nature on Mortarion. However, the demi-god’s -50% Critical Hit damage will always be effective in this regard. 

The passive abilities of Mortarion

Mortarion has two basic passive abilities. The first is Immunity to several Afflictions including Crazed, Dominated, Panicked, Plagued, and others.

However, given his 0 Resistance, Mortarion is affected by Bleed, Enraged, and Vulnerable. The second ability is Flight which makes him bypass Reaction Strikes and Hazards during the fight. 

The auto ability of Mortarion

Mortarion has only one pretty nifty auto ability. If Draigo attacks Mortarion, he gets Enraged and will only attack Draigo from then on. Moreover, as we have already discussed, Imprison will come into effect if Draigo loses health.  Therefore, players should use their Knights to battle Mortarion. 

Vanguard: Battle prep

After the battle begins, players should target Plague Marines and Blightlord Terminators in the beginning. As they are few, the remaining damage will affect Mortarion while you shift Draigo to the Root behind the throne. 

In the next turn, let your squad attack Mortarium fully unabashedly. Paladin will hit the boss with Stun and make him falter. Players should use their other characters to land Critical Hits repeatedly.

After enough damage has been inflicted, Draigo will cut off the Root. Meanwhile, protect the Portal with the help of your Rearguard. If you keep at it for five turns, you will win. 

However, Mortarion will keep calling for help throughout this all. The enemies being spawned are tied to the Root itself. There are five types of them: 

  • Necrosis: Foetid Bloat Drone
  • Dolorus: Hellbrute
  • Poxus: Chaos Spawn
  • Mortus: Plague Ridden

Fortunately for the players, these spawns are easy to kill and you should defeat them before attacking Mortarion. 

Rearguard: Battle Prep

It is a long-drawn-out affair with the Rearguard. The first step is to buff the Paladin every time. All enemies can be stunned in one hit except Blightlord Champions. So, keep attacking again and again.

Make sure your Paladin is moving between the northeast and northwest clusters. It will keep giving +2-3AP for the Paladin and +1WP. After the Paladin finishes with them, it is time for the Justicar.

Players should send the Justicar to the southwest while Chaplaina and Apothecary head southeast. Moreover, try and buff your Apothecary with Iron Arm as it will make him kill everyone alone. It will distribute 4-5AP for the rest of the team, and the job should be done. 

Players are now heading towards the Portal after finishing off the enemies turn by turn. However, it is important to remember that all of this is not a quick affair.

Therefore, patience is paramount because Mortarion is a humongous beast. In the end, after you defeat, Mortarion, you will have completed the game!

Last Updated on May 10, 2022

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