F1 Manager 2022: How To Change Race Length

Fans of Formula 1 are in for a treat this year. The new F1 Manager 2022 has launched on July 1, 2022, with the racing action set in Miami. The Miami International Auto Drome plays host to the most real-life cars and setup action to ever grace the screen.

You can make your own team in the My Team Career mode. Furthermore, the multiplayer also comes with split-screen action which the fans will love. The following guide will help players in setting the length of the race in F1 Manager 2022. 

F1 Manager 2022

F1 Manager 2022: What is the length of races

You will experience the thrill and feel of real-life racing in the game as you simulate in the game. The race length is mostly set by default for you.

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However, players will justifiably not be able to sit through for the entire duration of an actual race. There are more things to do, and a life to live everyday. Therefore, players will need to adjust the length of races to suit their needs. 

F1 Manager 2022: How to change Race Length?

Here are the ways in which you can change the length of races in the game: 

  • Go to Game Options.
  • Select “Weekend Structure” 
  • Here you will see the Session Length will be visible on your screen. 
  • Now, change the length as you prefer, depending how much time you can give the game.
  • Save the chosen settings. 

F1 Manager 2022 - Race Length

Players will have a number of options to choose from when it comes to choosing their desired race length in the game. They are: 

  • Short race – 5 laps. 
  • Medium race – 25% of a normal race length. 
  • Long race – 50% of a race length. 
  • Full race – actual life-like Grand Prix time. 
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12 to 18 laps is generally considered as the 25% part of the normal full-length race. 35-40 laps is around half of the race, which is a significant portion of the time. Therefore, it is evident that players will have to adjust the game in the race.

Of course, you can play the game as full length in the beginning, but you will have to have an insane amount of patience. Also, players will not be able to alter the race length while in between a Race weekend. So, make sure you have already changed it beforehand so it will not cause you any problems. 

Thus, here’s everything you need to know about the race length and how to change it. The game offers a myriad of activities for players so getting bored is never an issue. The feel of being an owner and operating your own garage has never felt more real. 

Last Updated on July 9, 2022

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