FF16: How To Earn Ability Points (AP) Fast

There are two kinds of points that players can get in Final Fantasy 16, and both are immensely helpful. You will get Experience Points (EXP) by usually winning against opponents, which can be used to level up gear and weapons.

On the other hand, Ability Points (AP) will be required to improve your skills, especially Eikon’s. This is particularly important given the high amount of AP you will need for updating the Eikonic Skills as you dive deeper into the game. In that regard, the following guide will help players earn Ability Points quickly in Final Fantasy 16. 

Final Fantasy 16: How to earn Ability Points (AP) fast

The most obvious place would be to play any of the stages again to strike down enemies and gather more EXP and AP. Of course, the overall prizes will be less than the initial phase of play, which is why there are other, more effective ways to receive Ability Points. 

During the initial stages, players can head to Caer Norvent Glorieuse Gate via the Hideaway on the map. This is the same area where you had battled with Benedikta, and a little far off from there will be a bunch of Imperial opponents.

You will stand a chance to get around 80 Ability Points and then get back to the Hideaway. After you reach, travel again to Caer Norvent to go through the method again. Players with level 20 will be able to get a lot of AP through this. 

Final Fantasy 16 - Ability points earning

Players who play through the main storyline quest of Eventfall will come across The Free Cities of Kanver. The Wages of Warcraft Accessory will help players enhance their Ability Points by 20%.

Players with Flames of Rebirth should use it too. Regarding Skills, go for Judgment Bolt, Windup, Ignition, Thunderstorm, Flames of Rebirth, and a sixth Skill that will inflict much damage. Additionally, it is more beneficial if you have upgraded them to the maximum. 

Once you reach there, turn on Ignition to wipe out the maiden batch of opponents. The second batch will be ideal for Flames of Rebirth, and after that, you should be left with Akashic Tognvaldr.

Players must use Windup and Judgment Bolt to slow it down before the sixth Skill deals damage. After it is done, use Ignition again to end the battle. 

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You will face Spellcasters next amongst other enemies, so defeat the former group initially. After it is completed, head to any area on the World Map.

Never mind the warning that your progress will be lost; your collected Ability Points will stay. Start the World Map again and get back to start Eventfall again. As you keep repeating this process, you will be in line to receive a lot of AP. 

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Final Fantasy 16 - different abilities

Final Fantasy 16: How to Get Ability Points in other ways

As long as you have The Wages of Warcraft Accessory with you, you can go ahead and defeat enemies as much as you want. Choose the ones that will reward you with the most Ability Points, and you will be all set. Hunts and Notorious Marks are also great for some quantity of AP, but going after bosses through the main storyline is more valuable.

For Side Quests, go for those that will give you Ability Points instead of other stuff. Additionally, getting EXP will improve your chances of earning AP through the said ways.

The final piece of advice is that you should be selective in terms of what Skills you want to go for since you can only equip six at a time, including three Core Skills. That is why picking and choosing is much more helpful for spending the hard-earned AP. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need to earn Ability Points in Final Fantasy 16. They will be convenient when you need to progress deeper into the game, so you should prioritize going after them whenever possible.

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Last Updated on June 26, 2023

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