FF16: How To Switch Off Motion Blur

The new Final Fantasy 16 game is a significant treat to all lovers of action-packed fun, given its beautiful graphics and excellent gameplay experience. You will have your choice between Story-Focused Mode and Action-Focused Mode while playing.

There are two types of graphics settings, one which prioritizes performance while the other being the best for overall graphics quality. Nevertheless, there are a few issues with the said graphics, especially concerning the motion blur. That is why the following guide will help players deal with the motion blur problem in Final Fantasy 16. 

Final Fantasy 16: How to Switch Off Motion Blur

The effect of motion blur ranges from bad for some players to worse for others. You will not find the gameplay easy due to the motion blur, which can be an irritating aspect of the game overall. It will degrade the visual experience in its entirety.

However, the bad news is that you cannot switch off motion blur within Final Fantasy 16 currently. There is hope for an update or patch from the developers that will give you the power to switch it off. 

Final Fantasy 16 - Motion blur reduction

Players hoping to deal with this situation in the present will have to decrease the impact by fiddling with the Game Performance settings. As mentioned above, you will have two graphical settings at your disposal.

The Performance mode gives precedence to the smooth running of the game, and this is the mode that you will have to select if you wish to decrease the amount of motion blur in the game.

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While it is not a proper solution, going with the Quality mode that boosts your graphical performance will give you a lot of motion blur that you will not find appealing. 

Final Fantasy 16 - Motion blur settings

The other bad news while dealing with the Performance mode is that it may not be consistently stable for all players. There have been issues with the framerate per second dropping below 60.

The case has not been resolved despite the developer’s patch being released on the game’s first day. There are high chances of players getting another patch update soon that will deal with a number of the performance issues surrounding Final Fantasy 16.

One can only hope they also add the option of turning off motion blur for the game, as it is unnecessary for most gamers today. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need regarding the motion blur in the latest edition of Final Fantasy. You will have to manage it as best as you can for now, till the option of completely shutting off the setting comes into play.

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Last Updated on June 24, 2023

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