FF16 – Who Are The Dominants And What To Know About Them

Players exploring the world of Valisthea in Final Fantasy 16 can do a lot of magic in their quest against enemies. You will have Mothercrystals at your disposal to conduct the magic and, in due course, will meet the Dominants, the most powerful in their field of using magic.

They can change into big Eikons and do not need crystals, either. The developers have changed the way things are done in Final Fantasy 16, and the Dominants play a significant role in the reshuffle, so the following guide will help players know all about them. 

Final Fantasy 16: Who are the Dominants and What to Know about Them

Players who have gone through the previous editions of Final Fantasy will know that they can summon beasts in the game. In Final Fantasy 16, you can call upon the powers of Dominants in the game including Phoenix, Shiva, Titan, and more. 

Dominants have the Eikon powers within them since birth, but sometimes they are unaware. After they learn about the power, they can use the Eikon in any way. They can also change into Eikon, although that takes up much of their body.

That is why they do not do it frequently. Every planet on Valisthea has a Dominant, and here is the complete list below. 

Ifrit (Clive Rosfield)

Final Fantasy 16 - Ifrit

He is a fire Eiko, the same as Phoenix. The power of this Eikon woke up in Clive during the same time Joshua Risfield became Phoenix. As Clive did not want to believe that he was what defeated his brother, he had to become a Bearer for the Empire for 13 years while searching for another Fire-type Dominant. 

Ramuh (Cidolfus Telamon)

Final Fantasy 16 - Ramuh

Know universally as Cid, he is the head of the team that supports Bearers and Dominants. He was part of the Royal Waloeder Army and left after disagreements with Barnabas. He is the Dominant of Ramuh, the lightning Eikon; he is quite cautious in using his powers early on before interacting with Clive. 

Odin (Barnabas Tharmr)

Final Fantasy 16 - Odin

The King of Waloed is found leading the battles on horseback as Odin. He will go toe-to-toe with Bahamut in terms of power and strength. 

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Phoenix (Joshua Rosfield)

Final Fantasy 16 - Phoenix

An early exponent of the Dominant power, Joshua changing into Phoenix took a huge toll on his health, and after the sad events of Phoenix Gate where he was bested by Ifrit.

Bahamut (Dion Lesage)

Final Fantasy 16 - Bahamut

He carries impeccable strength and power as the head of the Dragoons and prince of the Holy Empire. One of the fiercest fighters in any battle, Bahamut is ordered around by his father to take down other nations in the lore. 

Titan (Hugo Kupka)

Final Fantasy 16 - Titan

The biggest of the Eikons in the game is the Eikon of Stone, as the powers of Titan are enormous. He is a high-ranking official in the government of Dhalmekia who is very rich and in love with Benedikta. 

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Shiva (Jill Warrick)

Final Fantasy 16 - Shiva

The Eikon of Ice, whom you will encounter early on in the game. Shiva hailed from the Northern Territories and grew up alongside Clive and Joshua in Rosaria. Shiva found her power after the fight at Phoenix Gate, where the Ironblood captured her.

Being a part of the Iron Kingdom after her capture, she was on their side before being saved by Clive. 

Garuda (Benedikta Harman)

Final Fantasy 16 - Garuda

Eikon of the Wind and Dominant of Garuda, Benedikta, is a very clever operator and gains details about the kingdom. She does romance with Hugo Kupka, and their story will be vital in the overall journey of Clive. 

Thus, that is all the information about all the Dominants in Final Fantasy 16. All of them will be important in the game, and their powers will be needed as you progress deeper into the story.

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Last Updated on June 26, 2023

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