FIFA 22 | Best 4-5-1 Custom Tactics and Player Instructions

Hello guys and welcome to a very special guide on my article. Today I will explain to you why 4-5-1 is the best formation in the game FIFA 22 right now. At the moment I will show you the custom tactics and players’ instructions.

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Meta 4-5-1 Custom Tactics For FIFA 22

Custom Tactics

Now this is the best formation hands down this year because you have a lot of players in all the places. Basically we have ultra defensive, defensive attacking, ultra attacking.

You don’t have to really care about ultra attacking and ultra defensive. But if you want to play defensively in this game go ultra defensive. Drop back, direct passing and balance works best.

Direct passing means that when you intercept the ball, you immediately go forward. Drop back means your opponent cannot go and counter you. This year a lot of goals come from counter attacks and finesses.

If you have many players at the back, your opponent can’t really finesse the ball and cannot really score on the counter attack. Make sure to have some players in the box when you go under counter-attack.

Player Instructions

Now instructions should be drift wide, getting behind and basic defence/support and stay forward to your striker. I will recommend basic defence support because I want the forward to come back as well.

If you play ultra defensive, that means that you are leading already by a goal or two and you want to defend the lead. Your CAM’s should be set to come back on defence for both of them.

Your right mid and left mid should be come back on defence and come short. When you set it to come short that means that all your players will come very close to each other and you have a lot of players in the middle.

That’s what you want to stay by while attacking and cover centre to your centre mid and step back and stay back to left back and right back.

Tactics Explained

Now this is the important part, when you go into the game with this formation, go defensive. Go defensive and go with balanced. Balanced and forward runs. Forward runs and direct passing is basically the same, but by using forward runs, you will get more players forward and it’s more easy to score.

Now the instructions here should be free roam to your striker. Your CAM’s should be set to comeback on defence and free roam. Free roam means when you intercept the ball they will run into all the free places. They will try to find free roams and free spaces.

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Now come back on defence to left mid and right mid. Stay back on attacking and cover wing on your CM or you can go for cover center on this one. Stay back to right back and left back both.

Now if you see that your opponent is not very good, because this year a lot of players don’t really have the best squads and if you have a good squad in the beginning, you can go for press after possession loss and forward runs.

How To Play With 4-5-1 Formation

Make sure to get players in the box, as many as you can. Now when you intercept the ball you will see 3 or 4 players ahead of you. Striker should stay forward because when the ball is up the field, your players will run forward. Your CAM’s should be drift wide for both of them.

If you pass the ball to any of them, that means they will immediately have three players who can run forward. You should choose stay forward and get in behind for your right mid and left mid. Going with stay forward, you will have three players up the penalty box always.

You have two CAM’s who come back and run forward as well. So basically when you get the ball, you have five players just attacking and going forward. Stay back and cover wing on your CM should be the ideal setting because you have two CAM’s to stay forward.

You want your CDM to go and cover the wing. Give stay back to left back and right back because you already have a lot going forward. Now constant pressure on ultra attacking, direct passing and basically you have nothing to lose at this point.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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