FNAF Security Breach – All Collectibles Guide

In Five Night At Freddy’s (FNAF): Security Breach, Collectibles play an important role. They are not just collectibles, but your ticket to completing a couple or more achievements in the game. It is a must do.

If you are going to complete all the achievements in FNAF: Security Breach, you will surely need the locations and how to get all the collectibles in the first place. This guide will help you do just that so keep reading.

Five Nights at Freddy's_ Security breach all collectibles guide

FNAF Security Breach – All Collectibles Guide

Refer to the table of contents below for ease of reference if you are looking for a specific FNAF Security breach collectible.

Take note that this FNAF Security breach collectibles guide may contain some major spoilers so read at your own discretion. There are some noteworthy points I have to mention before getting on with the collectibles guide:

  • Ideally, you should be waiting until 5:40 to collect everything. That is because this is the final minutes of FNAF.
  • Generally, if you do this, you will have high enough clearance and upgrades to access most locations in the game.
  • Since certain areas require both the Beak and Claws upgrades, you are required to enter the 6am permadeath hour to get some collectibles.

The collectibles guide for FNAF Security Breach is in no particular order, and I have simply listed them as I found out about them. Also, this guide is a Work In Progress, so you can also add your points to the mix.

Rockstar Row & Freddy Maintenance Tunnels Collectibles⇓

These are the collectibles you can find in Rockstar Row and Freddy Maintenance Tunnels. The collectibles’ names and the location or instructions to get them are shown below.

Key Item – Fazwatch

You will automatically get this collectible at the start of the game.

Message – Hello Gregory

You’ll automatically receive this after Freddy gives you the watch.

Present – Pizza Plex Shirt

This present can be found behind Shadow Bonnie. This is located directly across from Chica’s room behind a set of cut-outs, typically, Shadow Bonnie. 

Message – Party Foul

You can find this collectible opposite or across from Freddy’s viewing window on a bench.

Key Item – Photo Pass

After attempting to open Freddy’s door, turn around and go beneath the rolling shutter. You can collect it from there since it is clearly visible.

Present – Monty Name Shirt

There is a red security door leading to a small office in the far right corner of the room behind the counter. You can find the presentation here.

Present – Golden Roxy

There is a lone sweeper bot behind a locked gate after you entered the maintenance tunnel with Freddy. You have to use Monty’s claws to open this. The present is located behind the flashlight charge.

Message – Missing

You can find the locked door with the Raceway symbol in front of it at the bottom of the maintenance stairs. It’s a good idea to break it open so you can read the message in the room ahead.

Present – Comedy Mask

Directly across from this room is a door you need Chica’s voicebox to open. The present is inside.

Present – Sun Figure

A little further down the tunnel is another locked gate with a purple light. Break it open to find the present in a room with a projector and a ton of trees.

Present – Foxy Plush

Exit the previous room and look behind the left set of crates a few feet away.

Message – Food Storage

At the top of the maintenance, stairs is a save station. The message is right next to it.

Present – Moon Figure

Across from the save station is a locked gate. Open it and head across the room to find a strange spot with a large conveyor belt. The present is on top.

Present – Glam Freddy Plush

Further, into this section, you’ll be chased by Monty down a corridor. Return to this area with his claws and bust open the first gate on the left.

Message – Torn Note

Turn around and head into the fog where Monty first emerged from. You’ll need both the claws and the voice box to reach this message at the end of the path.

Key Item – Cameras

You’ll have to pick this up after being chased by the animatronics to the first security booth.

Present – Chica Pinata

After exiting the security office the 3 bots chase you into, you’ll come to a hall with Chica roaming. The present is right as you enter.

Key Item – Party Pass

Once you can access Chica’s room, enter it to find it on her table.

Message – Chica Report

Directly to the side of Chica’s table.

Present – Chica Mask

Head into the back room of Chica’s area to find this on top of the boxes near the Freddy charging station.

Message – Monty Mischief

Enter Monty’s room to find this on his table.

Present – Golden Freddy

In the right corner of Monty’s room. Behind the arcade cabinet.

Message – Understudy

If facing Chica’s window, go right through a door to find yourself in a backstage area. There’s a key item you grab here, but I can’t remember which one. The note is behind the bleachers in the center.

Present – Flashlight Upgrade

From the last message, head right into the double red doors. The present will be right in front of you.

Lobby Collectibles⇓

This is the list of all FNAF: Security Breach’s Lobby Collectibles. Some can be incomplete and can be completed in the future as I find out more.

Key Item – Entry Pass

After entering the lobby, head to the far end past a lone sweeper bot to find your free Entry Pass!

Present – Fizzy Faz (Chica), Message – False Alarm

After going past the entry gates, go right and enter the level 2 security door to find both items in the next room.

Message – Easy Money

Found on the fountain in the middle of the area.

Present – Chica Name Shirt

Behind the fountain is a closed-off elevator. The present is to the left.

Key Item – Mr. Hippo Magnet

Head up the escalator in the middle and hook a right. Enter Glamrock Gifts and head downstairs to find this. You can recollect it again later in the night. Not sure if that’s a bug or not.

Message – AC Inspection

Enter the café on the opposite side of the giftshop to find this near the pool table in the back.

Present – Glam Chica Plush

Head into the kitchen of the café and go to the far right to find the present tucked in the corner.

Key Item – Screwdriver

Head downstairs from the last message and enter the lost and found. The present is immediate to your right. You will pick this up when escaping from Vanny for the first time.

Present – Cupcake Pinata

Through the level 4 security door directly ahead of the previous present.

Message – Hi Dave

Go out of the previous room into customer service (directly below the café) to find this in the back near the colored lockers.

Present – Freddy Name Shirt

Go through the daycare door and enter the second door on your right. The present is in the last stall.

Message – Night Terrors

On the sink next to the last present.

Present – Sun Plush

Jump on top of the fountain in the center of the area. It’s near the Freddy logo.

Daycare and Theater Collectibles⇓

This section for FNAF Security breach contains Daycare and Theater collectibles. These are also necessary to complete all the achievements so do give this one a good read.

Present – Flashlight Upgrade (MISSABLE)

After dropping down into the Daycare, either distract Sundrop or complete the encounter with Moondrop but don’t leave that area. Once you’re free to explore you can find this on top of the brown tower to the right of the ball pit.

Message – Out of Order

Facing away from where Sundrop throws you out, head left to find a small Fazcade. The message is inside.

Present – Old Poster (Fredbear)

Now go to the right side and enter the Lucky Stars Giftshop. The present is all the way in the back.

Present – Glamrock Freddy Figure

This can be found in the party room at the top of the left staircase after exiting the play area. There’s a giant Sundrop billboard to the right and a Lobby sign above the door.

Message – Recycled Pizza?

In the conjoined room of the last collectible.

Present – Plush Baby

Between the two staircases is a giant buoy. Enter the party room directly across from it (green or purple doors) to find the present inside on a table.

Present – Freddy Mask

After returning to the Daycare, enter the theater and head behind the counter immediately to your left. The present is on a high shelf in the kitchen area.

Message – BBW Maint Log

Exit the stall and continue down the stairs to the main theater. The message is in the center of the room.

Present – Frozen Chica Treat

Directly in front of the stage. near the cushion seats.

Message – The Answer

Head down the stairs behind the theater to find this message in front of the multi-colored lockers.

Key Item – Mazercise Control Key

Head to the very bottom of this area and enter the rightmost double red door. It’s directly in front of the save station.

Message – Arcade Conspiracy

Next to the Balloon Boy arcade machine in the secret area. Follow the steps in this guide for more info on how to unlock it.

Present – Golden Moon

Right next to the previous message.

Atrium Collectibles⇓

This section will list all the Atrium Collectibles for FNAF Security Breach.

Present – Roxy Name Shirt

Starting from the main stage, locate the giant Monty’s Golf display and head to the dining area to its left. The present is in the back right corner.

Present – Frozen Monty Treat

Enter the rolling shutter behind the Golf display and look behind the grass cutouts to the left.

Present – Glam Monty Figure

Directly to the right of the elevator to Monty’s Golf is a Chica cutout. The present is behind it.

Present – Golden Sun

Head right into Foxy’s cove and walk up to the door of the lighthouse.

Present – Moon Plush

In the same area, go behind the ship to find an opening with the present inside.

Present – Chica Magnet

From the Cove, head up the escalator and go left down the hall to find the dimly lit Bakery (between the Cove and Monty Golf). Once in, head to the top left corner to find the present behind a stall.

Present – Monty Magnet

Enter the kitchen of the bakery and the present will be near where the security bot is patrolling.

Message – Arcade Maint Log

Squeeze past the security bot to be facing the giant cupcake. To your left is a small room with the message.

Present – Hoodie

In the very back of the bakery is a bathroom with a hoodie on a toilet.

Present – Monty Pinata

On the direct opposite end of the stage is the party check-in booth. The present is inside.

Message – Better Employees

Exit the check-in booth and locate the purple ice cream sign and enter the level 4 security door to its left. Enter the first door on your left again to find the message in the middle of the small kitchen.

Present – Pinata

Directly to the left of the chef bot is a door that leads to a small food stand. The present is to the left under all the pizza boxes.

Present – Freddy Upgrade

Exit the Ice cream spot from where we entered and look left to spot a vent. The present is on a table a little to the right of the vent.

Present – Freddy Face Shirt

Head back to the Ice cream spot and continue to the very back to spot a large service elevator that leads to the Loading Bay. Don’t take it down. instead, look right to spot the present is on a conveyor belt.

Present – Space Freddy Keychain

Enter the rolling shutter to the Fazer Blast court and head up the stairs to your left. The present is near a control panel at the top.

Present – Freddy Pinata

To the right of the ticket, the bot is a small countertop you can crouch under. The present is in the pantry past the kitchen.

Present – Roxy Mask

After jumping over the boxes into the Roxy Raceway construction area, look right for a metal staircase. The present is on top.

Present – Frozen Roxy Treat

To the top right corner of the same area is a large generator. The present is behind it.

Message – It’s Happening Again

On the 2nd floor, head to the far right to find a closed-off area. The message is at the very end on the right.

Present – Roxy Balloon

Enter the shutter to Roxy Raceway and hook an immediate right to spot a storage container with the present inside.

Present – Fizzy Faz (Monty)

Head up to the 3rd floor and enter the El Chip restaurant. Go into the kitchen to find the present.

Super Star-Cade Collectibles⇓

This will be all the FNAF: Security Breach Super Star-Cade collectibles so far in the game.

Present – Chica Balloon

As soon as you enter the arcade from El Chips, head to the top left corner to find a door leading to the bathrooms. Go around to the girl’s room to find the present in a stall near the middle.

Message – Night Shift

At the far back of the arcade (near the rolling shutter to the gift shop) is a small dining area with the message.

Message – CFF Maint Log

On a tool bench outside the security booth where you do the 3-minute lockdown.

Present – Monty Mask

After entering the Prize Corner from the security office, head directly across the room to find this on one of the shelves between 2 Monty plushies.

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Present – Frozen Freddy Treat

At the end of the long gift shop corridor where you had to sneak around Monty and Roxy.

All Loading Dock Collectibles⇓

You can find all the FNAF Security Breach Loading dock collectibles here.

Present – Fizzy Faz (Freddy)

After running away from Musicman in the vent, you’ll be prompted to slide down the shafts. Once you land, exit and hook a right through the door. You’ll find the present on the chair in this little office.

Message – Drink Fizzy Faz!!!!

Enter the next door to find yourself in a large room with giant vats lining it. Head across to the next door with a giant letter symbol next to it. Look right as soon as you go through the door.

Present – Freddy Magnet

Found in the same room as the last message behind one of the desks.

Key Item – Security Badge

Continue forward to find yourself on a catwalk overlooking a giant kitchen. After entering the next door, enter the office to your left. The badge is on the table. As soon as you grab it you’ll start the pizza making mini game.

Present – Golden Chica

Exit the office and head down the stairs. Enter the security doors directly ahead of you to find yourself in a giant cafeteria. Head right to find the present behind the counter.

Message – Pink Slip

Found on a table in the middle of the cafeteria.

Message – All Staff Meeting

In the cafeteria, look for a giant sign that reads “Don’t ask…Why Animatronics?”. To its left is a blue shutter door. The message is just on the other side of it.

Present – Glam Roxy Plush

Continue forward until the Monty Fiz machine. To your right should be a Freddy charging station. Go left and follow the hall left through a door to find yourself in a long yellow-lit tunnel. The wall should read “B1-COR-FC-1”. Follow it through and enter the very far door on the right to find yourself in a large washing room. Hook an immediate left through another door to find the presence between to wet floor bots.

Present – Old Poster (Spring Bonnie)

Head back into the washroom and go to the middle of it to find a bunch of sweeper bots and a security bot. Hug the left side and pass under the flappy things to find yourself in front of some towel shelves. Hook a left and then an immediate left to find the present behind the shelves in the blue-lit room.

Present – Star Shirt

In the same room, look for the entrance to the lockers/shower room. Head through and peek into the 2nd shower stall for the present.

Message – Question

From here, head into the doorway ahead of you and to the left to spot the message immediately in front of a poster.

Message – Marked for Deletion

Head back to where we found the present in the shower. As you pass the showers, enter the door on your left to enter a hall full of more doors. Enter the one at the far end and enter the first orange-lit cubby for the message.

Message – Compactor Instructions

The next door over leads back to the kitchen. Enter it to find the message you might have spotted during the pizza mini-game. You might need to lure Chica away in order to grab it.

Present – Old Poster (Fredbear on the phone)

After completing the Chica fight you’ll come to a set of bots around a table. The present is on the table.

All Parts & Service Collectibles⇓

Here are all the parts & service collectibles for the game.

Message – Stolen Property

After escaping Moondrop in the charging pod, navigate to a dark loading bay where an Exo robot is waiting for you. After safely navigating around him, hop into the vent and run from Musicman. Once on the other side, you can find the note directly across from the save station near the metal fencing.

Present – Nightmare Plush

Navigate through the next set of halls with the green buttons and exos you need to stare at so they don’t move. You’ll eventually find your back to a wall where you can go left further down the halls, or right into a metal door. Go into the door and locate the next button to find the present.

Key Item – Security Badge

Go down the left side this time to find a button to open a wall that requires a bit of backtracking. Continue through the exo maze until you reach the security office. The Freddy holder is on the table as usual. Note that as soon as you grab it, every exo in the area will become active.

Present – Glam Roxy Figure

Return to where you hid from Moondrop and proceed through the door to Parts & Services. Facing Freddy, head right and look for the smashed window you can pass through. Follow it into the room with the present.

Messages – Chica Upgrade, Roxy Upgrade, Monty Upgrade

All 3 of these notes can be found on the walkway behind Freddy’s enclosure.

Present – Four Block Shirt

After repairing Freddy, take Roxy’s elevator. Once you exit, the present is immediate to your left.

Monty’s Gator Golf and Mazercise Collectibles⇓

This will all the FNAF collectibles for Monty’s Gator Golf and Mazercise.

Message – No Flash Photography

After entering Monty’s Golf, head down the first escalator you see and go left. Navigate all the way until you see the Monty’s Gator Grub stand. The message is on the counter.

Present – Go Kart

Locate hole 17, almost directly across from the food stand, and enter the small carriage. The present is inside.

Present – Tragedy Mask

Locate the ball pit and go through it to the wooden tower. The present is inside.

Present – Flashlight Battery Upgrade

Head into the Monty Grub kitchen and locate the door that leads to the service hall. Follow it all the way through to the far end to find a small room with one security bot doing a lap. The present is next to all the screens.

Message – Behind the Maze, Present – Mazercise Ticket, Key item – Security Badge, Key Item – Faz Cam

Head back to the service hall and enter either of the doors near the save point to find the security room. All 4 items are inside.

Message – Job Security

After entering Mazercise, go through the area until the hall just before the maze itself. Locate the control room in the center to find the message inside.

  • FNAF Job Security Maze Solution: Lever up, top 4, top 2, top 3, top 3, top 3, Lever down, top 1, top 1, top 1, top 2, bottom 2.

Key Item – Monty’s Claws

Pick them up from Monty’s body after you defeat him.

Fazerblast and Bonnie Bowl Collectibles⇓

You can find all the Fazerblast + Bonnie Bowl collectibles here in Five Night At Freddy’s Security Breach.

Present – Space Roxy Keychain

As soon as you enter Fazerblast hook left and enter the left security door. The present will be behind the next door you see.

Message – Hide the Mix, Key Item – Security Badge, Key Item – Bowling Badge

Enter the door across the previous room to find these 3 items.

Present – Space Chica Keychain

Directly across the lobby is the bathrooms. Enter the left bathroom to find the present.

Present – Freddy Balloon

Head back to the main entrance and into the center doorway where a bot will tell you the Fazerblast rules. The present is between the 2 rows of chairs.

Key Item – Fazerblaster

Continue forward to find your Fazerblaster!

Present – Old Poster (Black & White)

In the red corner of Fazer Blast, directly where the flag is a small cubby that leads to a service hall. The present is inside.

Message – No Questions Asked

After collecting the official blaster, look for the vent in the same room. After crawling through, head to the far end of the balcony for the message.

Present – Bonnie Plush

After entering Bonnie Bowl proper, head down to the bowling lanes and check near a rack of bowling balls on the right side.

Message – PQ1 Maint Log

This can be found in the very far right corner where the bowling lanes are.

Key Item – Monty Mystery Mix, Message – Safety Check

Head left to the food stand and enter the door behind it. Once in the back hall, go left to find these items.

Present – Golden Monty

Go down the stairs at the opposite end of the hall.

Roxy Raceway, Glamrock Salon, & Fazcade Collectibles⇓

Find out all the FNAF Security Breach’s collectibles for Roxy Raceway, Glamrock Salon, & Fazcade here.

Present – Freddy Icon Shirt

After jumping over the boxes to meet Freddy at the Raceway construction site, navigate through until you reach a large storage room. The present is on the side of the first blue shipping container you see.

Present – El Chip Pinata

A few feet away is a long corridor filled with security bots. Enter the first door on your right to find the present on a table.

Present – Glam Chica Figure

Continue down the hall and enter the last room on the right (before the red double security door) to find this in the corner opposite the dumpster.

Message – Sinkhole

After using Freddy to open the gate to Roxy Raceway, you should see this message in plain sight. It’s directly in front of the trophy stand.

Message – Chasing Cars

After entering the Raceway proper. head down the right staircase and enter the information booth. The message is right as you enter.

Present – Space Monty Keychain

In the same room as the last message, go to the very back and check the metal shelves.

Message – Test Drivers Wanted

Enter the hard hat zone ahead of the information booth and Freddy will tell you you’re not tall enough to ride the kart. Right next to this is the note and a save station.

Present – Fizzy Faz (Roxy)

Right behind the note is a staircase you can climb. The present is at the top.

Key Item – Dance Pass

Head back to the staircase we descended at the start, but go to the row of rolling shutters this time. Enter the 2nd one to find the present on the table inside.

Message – PQ2 Maint Log, Present – Freddy Upgrade

Head to the very last shutter and go inside. To the right is a red door. The note is in the middle of the next room, and the present is to the top left.

Message – Sore Winner

Head out of the sutter and continue left. Go straight until you reach a blocked-off escalator with the note right next to it.

Key Item – Damaged Head

Go behind the crates where the last message was to get jump scared. The head will fall off.

Message – Old Elevator

Head left of the escalator into the red security door. The message is visible as you enter.

Present – Glam Monty Plush

After arriving in the Fazcade, go left and look under the furthest staircase near a wet floor bot.

Present – ???

Climb all the way to the top floor. Proceed past all the karaoke rooms to the far end where you can spot a red door on your left. Before entering, go into the karaoke room directly across to find this in the left corner. I’m unsure what the gift is as the game assumed I already opened this even though I didn’t.

Message – Ultimate Party Host

Go through the red door now and you’ll spot the security office door. The message is inside.

Key Item – Repaired Head, Key Item – Security Badge

After completing the DJ Musicman boss fight, return to the security office. Insert the broken head into the machine to repair it, and grab the badge off the table near where we found the message in here.

Key Item – Roxy’s Eyes

Pick these up off of Roxy after her “boss fight”.

Present – Monty Balloon, Message – Power Drain

After officially escaping Roxy climbs up the dark maintenance stairs until you emerge back out into the Raceway. Directly across the room is another red door that leads to a small office. Both items are inside.

Message – Retheme

A little further is a lone security bot patrolling just before the construction zone. Look to the right to spot the message.

Present – Roxy Pinata

After entering the Beauty Salon, look left to see a green and purple-lit staircase. The present is at the top.

Present – Roxy Magnet

Enter the salon itself and go to the back right corner.

Message – Red Flag

Enter the back room with the Princess Quest machine. You’ll find it to the right.

Present – Shoes

Enter the bathrooms to the right of the previous message to find the Shoes!

This guide is a work in progress and I will keep updating this FNAF security Breach Collectibles guide as I find out more locations and tips from my fellow friends and community. 

A special thanks to steam user Stef for helping us guide through all the hectic collectible locations and also credits to the steam community for their valuable additions to the list.

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