Figure Fantasy: Final Battle Formations and Heroes

Welcome to this guide for Figure Fantasy where we will see how you can clear the Final Battle in the game. Please note that the suggested deployments and formations, along with the characters, will carry over to other stages.

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Figure Fantasy: Final Battle Formations and Heroes

This guide will consist of deployment tips, strategies, and some formations that are decent for the final battle. These are some suggestive ones so they can be changed to your liking. Check them out…

Final Battle – Tyr Guide↓

Tyr is a giant dragon assembled with abandoned materials and it is the first of the 3 boss stages you can select and start. The rewards for clearing Tyr are:

  • Common Reward – Clover stickers – Super Blind Box Piece
  • Clear Reward – Clover Stickers – Diamonds – Lucky Coins

Moving on, here is the suggested formation you can use to make the gameplay and the boss fights easier for you. If you want to change the formation in Figure Fantasy’s final battle, do it at your knowledge:


As per the above image, here is my suggestion for the best team to use for the final battle stages and bosses:

  • Zarola – Ranged – Backline (Bottom)
  • Khrusos – Main Tank – Frontline (Mid Lane)
  • Zephyr – Helper/Support – Midline (Bottom Lane)
  • Erikzia – Helper/Support – Midline (Top Lane)
  • Zhao Yun – Main DPS – Frontline Forward (Bottom Lane)

So 2 GALATEA units and 3 TENMA units are the composition I will be going with for the Final Stage. You can swap out Zarola with Rie or Vazorwyn if you do not have her in the first place.

The only thing you need to take care of is the level of your heroes. Make sure you level them up as much as possible before going into the final battle. Otherwise, you will struggle with this mode and end up losing this one.

Final Battle – Code V Guide↓

Code V is a massively modified figurine that was once abandoned. In this boss fight, you will deal with a lot of mobs. There will be hoards of enemies coming at you so crowd control is important for this guide.

Here are the rewards you can get for doing and completing the Code V final battle:

  • Common Reward – Lucky Coins – Stamps
  • Clear Reward – Stamps – Diamonds – Lucky Coins

Here is my suggested formation to use for Code V final battle in Figure Fantasy:


Depending on the above formation, here are my suggested best heroes for the formation in Code V final battle:

  • Vazorwyn – AoE Backline DPS (mid lane)
  • Zarola – AoE Backline DPS (bottom lane)
  • Zephyr – Helper/Support (mid lane)
  • Khrusos – Main frontline tank (mid lane)
  • Yuna/Zhao Yun/Megan – DPS or DEF Melee (frontline bottom lane)
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Ideally, you should go for AoE damage dealers at the back, middle supports, a main tank that can tank a lot of damage, and a melee DPS or DEF to tank or deal more damage. The heroes you can use here are flexible.

Final Battle  – Azazel Guide↓

Azazel is the mastermind behind all the evil plots. To defeat him and his team, you would need a decent formation and team. Here, you require a full 9 heroes to team up.

Since this will be a 9-hero team, so there will not be a specific formation to follow. Yes, you need to make sure you have the right combination of heroes for this, otherwise this final battle can fail for you. 

Here is my best-suggested team of heroes for Azazel Final Battle:

  • Zhao Yun – DPS Melee – Top lane Frontline
  • Khrusos – Main Tank – Mid Lane Frontline
  • Yuna – DPS Melee – Bottom lane frontline
  • Ihrendts Ember – Specialist – Top mid lane
  • Zephyr – Helper Support – Mid mid lane
  • Erikzia – Helper Support – Bottom mid-lane
  • Zarola – Ranged  – Top lane
  • Sani – AoE DPS – Mid backline
  • Vazorwyn – AoE ranged – Bottom lane backline


Basically for the Azazel Final Battle, you need a lot of good AoE backliners, decent mid healers like Zephyr and Erikzia, a good specialist like Ember, Melee DPS in the form of Zhao and Yuna, and the main tank as Khrusos.

You can use similar concepts to build an entirely different team. Just keep in mind the synergies of the brands and the buffs or debuffs you can get from them, and you will be fine. Most importantly, get your levels up ASAP!

That is all I am sharing in this guide for Figure Fantasy Final Battle. For more of such content, stay posted on this website. Also, do not forget to leave a comment if you like what you see or have specific suggestions.

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Last Updated on January 28, 2024

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