Figure Fantasy – Gears, Sets, and Badges Guide

Welcome to this guide of Figure Fantasy Gears, Sets, and Badges. We will see different aspects of the Gear system in the game. This FF Gears guide will be thorough hence if you are looking for something specific, press CTRL+F and type it in the box.

[Figure Fantasy] GEAR GUIDE!

Figure Fantasy – Gears Guide, Tips, and Tricks

These gear tips and guides will help you to know all about them including their subsections. You need to play upto a certain level before you can get gears. You have the option to equip gears manually or auto-equip them.

Guide on Saving Presets⇓

Remember that all of the gears belong to one plan. First click on “save to plan” and make a new plan. If you already have a plan then there is no need to make a new one. simply save all of gears to that plan. For example, in my case it is Plan A.

[Figure Fantasy] GEAR GUIDE!

You can always go back to the plan in case you need to get information for a partiuclar gear. Once you have determined which Plan preset to use simply go back to that and Press “Apply” from top of the screen.

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Gear Sets Guide – Figures and their Gears⇓

To see the sets and equip them to the figurines do the following:

Go to Figures List -> Figure Care -> Select Parts -> Look below the figure information for Set Property .There are certain sets you need to provide to specific characters. Once they have these, they gain a major boost to their stats.

Figure Fantasy Gear Set examples⇓

  • Zarola – Ultimate Set – Health Set
  • Zhao Yun – Critical Set – Attack Set
  • Zephyr – Health Set x 3/Support Set
  • Erikzia – Health Set x 3/Support Set
  • Khrusos – Defense Set x 3 (Lifesteal Set if available)
  • Megan – Defense Set x 2 – Heal Set x 1
  • Yuna – Skill Set – Attack Set

Ehancing Gears⇓

You should enhance the gears of figures to boost their respective stats. But be wary that you need to enhance only specific parts and not all parts. To enhance a part click on the part > Enhance from right-bottom corner:

figure fantasy gear enhancing

Ideally take these upto +3 level. For the striped purple or the purple gear, try to enhance to them to +6. They do cost a lot of gold but you can farm gold in figure fantasy easily. Try to enhance only the ones you are using.

Focus on stats boost for each character. For example, for Zhao Yun, focus on the gears that enhance his attack bonus since he is a melee DPS. You will see the attack bonus going up which is the best thing for this figure. As a rule of thumb remember the following:

  • Blue Gear – If needed – +3 enhancement
  • Striped Purple Gear – If needed – +6 enhancement
  • Purple Gear – If needed – +6 enhancement

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Figure Badges Guide⇓

Badges in Figure Fantasy boost the stats of the characters in particular ways and grants them special attributes and stats. To equip a Badge; go to Figurines > Figure Care > Parts > Top-Right slot > Equip Badge.

figure fantasy badges guide

The guide for Figure badges is quite simple. They is no hard and fast rule that you must follow for badges. Try to mix and match them to your best of knowledge to make them work. This is all about personal customization of figures.

figure fantasy badges guide

Try to understand the badge concept with the following figure examples:

  • Zhao Yun – Endtime Divinity Badge – Basic Attacks have a 30% chance to deal extra damage equal to 80% ATK.
  • Vazorwyn – Endtime Frost Badge – Boosts damage by 12% against enemies that are frosted
  • Zarola – Endtime Ultimate Badge – Boosts damage by 10% when uleasing the ultimate. Stacking up to 5 times, and lasts until the battle ends
  • Khrusos – Eternal Glory Badge – Abosrbs lethal damage once. Gains a shield equal to 564% ATK and restores 12 energy when absorbing lethal damage.

Gear Equip Guide and Tips⇓

To go to Gear equip tab; click top-right on the Bag > go inside Bag tab > select Equip from right side. You have number of gear equip options here that you can use with the figures.

  • Precise Equip – Gives recommendation for sets of gears to equip.
  • The Quick Equip – The AI selects a pool of sets and equips it automatically to your figures.
  • Quick Remove – Removes all the Gears from your Figures.
  • Quick Replace – Replaces the current figure sets from any of the other plans you have.

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Gear Sets Farming Tips⇓

You need to farm more gear sets of higher stats and rarity to better enhance the figures. You can do that from a number of activities. These are all over the game so do the one that you like to do the most.

To better farm gear sets do these activities –

  • The Big Three – Drops rarer gear sets
  • Mail Box Rewards
  • Campaign Rewards
  • Downtime and Maintenance rewards

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Last Updated on December 6, 2021

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