SLIME: ISEKAI Memories Citizens Increase Guide

Welcome to this guide Slime Isekai Memories Citizens guide where we are going to be talking about the Citizens mechanics in the game and how you can increase their number.

Slime: Isekai Memories Citizens Increase Guide⇓

Upgrade Central Office Building for more Citizens⇓

You need to wait until you upgrade the central office building. By leveling this up you are going to drastically increase the cap of your citizens.

So this is the big power spike that you’re going to get. If you click on it and press level up it will show you guys what you need to have to upgrade to the next version. Here are the Citizen Upgrade requirements:

  • Upgrade Central Office To 3.3K (around 8-9Hrs gameplay)
  • Citizen population – 6000
  • Facility Level – 190
  • Central Citizen Building upgrade level – 5

The facility level is just based on how much you’ve leveled up. Say each of the houses is level three so that’s four houses (of level 3) right here that means I’ve got 12 facility levels in total and that just you know adds up to everything.

slime isekai memories citizens guide

Increase Citizen Count by House Upgrade⇓

Upgrading houses is how you increase the citizen count. You need to do this upgrade process in ISEKAI Memories in a proper order. To properly increase citizen count do the following:

  • Build House – Gets more citizens
  • Upgrade each house to increase the citizen count
  • Ex – Citizen count increase 90 – 120 – 1 Level Up

This count is not small and can be quite a lot. But it’s a big boost to the population and it will show you guys how to get further upgrades.

slime isekai memories citizens guide

There are more points to Citizen Count in Slime Isekai memories. Take due note so that you do not get confused:

  • ONLY the houses will give extra citizens
  • You do not get any citizens from upgrading the forge
  • To upgrade the forge you need citizens.
  • You need 3.8 to get the forge to level three and level three will get us some level three equipment.

slime isekai memories citizens guide

Play Story Mode to increase Citizen Count⇓

To upgrade to the next tier of the houses you pretty much have to do story mode now. As you do story mode, you will unlock the initial houses and then you have to replay the story mode in harder difficulties. Follow these general guidelines to play story mode for more citizens:

  • Play Story mode on Normal to unlock the next levels
  • In Normal mode, the House upgrade will go from 4 to 6 (2-level increase)
  • Expert mode gives 3 level boost (6 to 9)
  • Play Story mode on Easy/Beginner difficulty to unlock different houses.
  • Upgrade these houses to increase the Citizen population
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slime isekai memories citizens guide

House Types in ISEKAI Memories⇓

There are different types of houses in SLIME ISEKAI Memories. Right now I have four different types of houses. Let me list them down so that accommodating Citizens becomes easier for you in the long run:

  • Ogre’s House – unlocks when and after you fight the ogres
  • Goblin house – This is there at the start because that’s when we find tempest.
  • Direwolf house – This unlocks after the goblin interaction.
  • Orcs house – You unlock this after the orc disaster. 

There can be more houses, but these are the main ones I managed to unlock.

slime isekai memories citizens guide

So, there are different ways of getting houses. You can only get three of each so there is a max cap that you can have on your upgrades. Of course, with all these extra houses that you obtain, you need to have a bigger area.

This is why upgrading the central office is a must. Ultimately by doing all these your ultimate goal of increasing the citizen count or population will increase significantly.


TLDR for SLIME ISEKAI Memories Citizen Guide⇓

  • Upgrade Central Office to increase Citizen Cap
  • Upgrade Houses to increase Citizen count
  • Play Story Mode to get more Citizens
  • Unlock Different Types of Houses to Accommodate More Citizens

That is a quick tutorial on SLIME ISEKAI Memories Citizens Increase. This is an important step to unlocking a lot of things including the “Forge” in the game.

Also, this will help you to unlock the “CONQUEST” tab in events, which is needed to farm resources. If you guys did enjoy this guide make sure to leave a comment down below.

If you guys need any more tutorials let me know in the comment section. With that said I’ll see you guys in the next post. You can follow us on Twitter and drop a like on Facebook to get the latest updates on gaming guides. 

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Last Updated on January 28, 2024

2 thoughts on “SLIME: ISEKAI Memories Citizens Increase Guide”

  1. But how do you increase the number of Citizens? I know adding houses increases the cap for your total population and adds a certain number of citizens. Currently I have 2400/3300. So how do I get additional citizens without increasing the population cap? (3300/3300)

    1. You need to upgrade the houses you add as well to higher levels to increase the citizen count. Here is a screenshot of what you should be upgrading and building more of:
      Basically you need to do certain tasks to unlock more upgrades for each house that you build. This is only to increase the Citizen Count and not the cap.

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