Frozenheim | Best Eco-Boom Build Order

For a successful Eco-boom in Frozenheim, here is the best multiplayer build order nice and easy. In multiplayer, dominate your pals and show them who the true Vikings are.

Frozenheim is a peaceful Norse city-building game with real-time conflict and extensive settlement management features.

Become an earl of a Norseman clan and pen your own saga to be passed down through the years. In this mystical region inspired by Norse folklore, you can live out your Viking fantasies! Check out the guide below.


Multiplayer Eco-boom Build Order For Frozenheim


Frozenheim is a fantastic game, however, it can be a little complex at first. This is a simple guide to get you started and teach you a simple build order that will help you develop a strong early game economy and eventually bulldoze down your opponents’ base. Have fun with the guide!

Remember that every game is different, and every scenario has its own counter, so don’t take everything here literally; rather, use it as a guideline to help you get through your first few rounds.

If the enemy is attacking you with two squads of axe men, you might want to reconsider placing that elder hut; likewise, if your men are starving yet the guide instructs you to mine stone, you might want to consider putting down an extra farm instead.

There are two important things to keep in mind right away:

1) Leave some space surrounding your HQ free so that you can build palisades around it later for extra security.

2) BECOME A SCOUT! Make sure you’re keeping an eye on the waters for any approaching vessels, as well as keeping an eye on your region to allow you to prepare for any unexpected attacks. Watchtowers will be quite useful in this regard.

For Early Game

To begin, construct two woodcutter huts, one fisherman hut, and one house, then position two workers in your headquarters. Remember to leave some room around your headquarters for that palisade!  Send your scouts out to look for abandoned wagons, and try to avoid fighting even if it’s only a pack of two wolves because you have more essential things to do.

Place three dwellings, a druid hut in range of your houses, and two Hunter Huts if there are enough animals once you start acquiring more wood. If not, a Farm should be substituted for one Hunters Hut. Your village should now resemble the following:

Note: I built one house right adjacent to my headquarters to gauge the amount of room I’ll need for the palisades. That home will be removed later. On both a stone pile and an iron bog, construct another 5-6 houses, 2 training camps, 2 farms, and 2 Collectors Huts, as well as 2 tanners and a warehouse.

Don’t be scared to put an extra collectors house on each of your recourse piles if you have more than one. You should have a robust wood and food economy by the conclusion of this, and your stone and iron will start to trickle in. This is what you should be striving for by the ten-minute mark:

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This is also the time to start thinking about getting an extra pair of eyes to help keep an eye out for any incoming raiders, so be on the lookout!

For Mid Game

Now that you’ve sorted out the basics like food and wood, it’s time to concentrate on steel, units, and improvements. Save your money and set up your first bloomery near your warehouse. If you’re feeling particularly exposed, send out two or three spearmen; this should deter any early rush attempts.

It could also be a good idea to create that palisade for your HQ we were talking about if you have the wood on hand. A market and an elder cottage should be your next targets. Use the marketplace to get any supplies you require right away.

Go for the deer clan first for your elder hut, then sprint to tier 3 to grab the marketplace upgrade. It will provide you a 50% boost to trades, which is ideal for when you require large amounts of resources quickly. While concentrating on your base, aim at obtaining the ibex head for your ships.

It will considerably improve their speed, ram damage, and endurance. If you’re floating some resources, you should be able to improve your HQ by the end of it all. It’s always wonderful to have more space and a worker.

Report on progress:

For Late Game

You should start training an army, creating ships, and upgrading your troops at this point. Build two more bloomeries for a total of three (4 if you’re feeling greedy) and a blacksmith when you finish receiving the trader improvement from the elder hut.

Increase your defenses by 2-3 shield bearers while completing all of the blacksmith improvements (besides the 2 archer upgrades you won’t be using them). While this is going on, you should be able to finish upgrading your Eldar hut ibex head and begin building huge ships with wide sails and the ibex head.

Maintain a big number of troops and ships until you have 12 fully upgraded squads and three massive upgraded vessels. If everything goes according to plan, you should have everything you need before the 30-minute mark.

When you’re ready, simply right-click into the enemy base and run for his headquarters, where you can enjoy the flames. In a couple of seconds, 12 squads will burn down an HQ. I hope you find this information to be very useful. Best of luck! and have fun burning your foes to a cinder!

Last Updated on June 17, 2022

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