God of War PC – Photo Mode Settings and Save Location

God of War PC – Photo Mode Settings and Save Location – The photo mode features of the PC version of God of War are numerous. You’ll find all the settings you need to take stunning photos in Photo Mode, including filters, aspect ratios, borders, and facial expressions for Kratos and Atreus.

In this guide, I will show you some specific features of the photo mode for God of War, and also, some tips about each term. This will hopefully enable you in taking a picture-perfect snap of Kratos along with other things you want.

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GoW PC – Photo Mode Controls, Settings, and Save Location

There are a lot of criterias in GoW’s Photo Mode. Knowing the meaning of each term can enable you to take a good picture in-game. The first aspects of the photo mode we will look at are, Field of View, Camera Roll, and Focal Length:

God of War PC Photo Mode Controls and Settings

To gain access to photo mode, press “P” on Keyboard by default and open the HUD. Here are the main settings to use for PC in GoW’s photo mode:

Photo Mode OptionsSettings
Field of View41 Degree
Focal Length48.1 mm
Camera Roll0
Depth of FieldCustom
Focus Distance3.78
Film Grain3
Filter Intensity10
Vignette Intensity10
Vignette Fall Off10
BorderOptional (Film Gate Cine)
LogoOptional (Top Left/Right)
Other CharactersShow
Kratos’s FaceDefault
Atreus’s FaceDefault

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God of War PC Photo Mode Save Location

Most Steam users keep their save files with the cloud service. All your God of War save files can be found in this folder:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata

It is recommended to enable your games if they are not using the cloud savings at Steam.

  • Open the Steam app
  • Go to Steam menu in the top right
  • Select “Settings” option
  • Go to “Cloud” tab
  • Check the “Enable Steam Cloud Synchronization” option
  • Press “OK” to confirm

If you’ve played God of War without the Steam cloud service, your save files can be found in one of the following directories.

  • C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\GodOfWar\Saved\SaveGames\
  • C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\GodOfWar\Saved\SaveGames\

FOV, Focal Length, and Camera Roll

Field of View is basically the maximum area of a sample that a camera can image is called the field of view. The focal length of the lens and the size of the sensor are related to that. If the focal length of the lens is the same, then the larger the sensor, the bigger the field of view.

As you zoom in, you will see that the Focus shifts to Kratos, or who ever your camera is pointing at. This a neat little feature I liked about GoW’s Photo Mode.

The Focal Length is the distance between the lens and the image sensor when the subject is in focus. Increasing the focal length will result in the image being zoomed. Keep this setting balanced for best photos in GoW PC.

god of war photo mode

Camera Roll is basically the degree if tilt you can do to the camera. it has a degree of rotation feature to take some off angle images in the game. A neat little feature for all the cam enthusiasts out there!

Depth of Field, Focus Distance, and F-Stop

Depth of Field is best kept at custom. This gives you the chance to play around with the aperture and focus for the camera in GoW PC. You can also use presets for DoP here. Two other presets will focus either on Kratos or Atreus depending on what you set.

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Focus Distance determines the distance at which either Kratos or Atreus will be shown. If this is increased, make sure to adjust the F-Stop accordingly. F-Stop is also dependent upon focusing, so use these two in conjunction to get the best output.

Film Grain, Exposure, and Filtering Settings

Film Grain is best kept at default. Increasing this will make the image look distorted. I found out that keeping this at “3” was doing well with the other settings. Exposure is the amount of light being allowed in the lens.

If you want more light for a dark image, increase exposure to get the best effects. In other cases, dial it down to give it a more darker look. It all depends on personal preference.

Filter is simply a setting to add different effects in the image. There are cool, warm, bright, color focus, and other options here. Use this to the best of your knowledge to get a good image with some nice effects.

Filtering Intensity is basically the adjustment in this partiuclar filter. You can use a variety of setting here and see what works best for your mood in God of War.

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god of war photo mode 1

Vignette Settings

Turning ON vignette will help you in narrowing down the screen more towards the middle. You will see that the edges of the camera have become darker. This adds a great effect to the image, especially if you want to show a particular focus in GoW.

The other settings for Vignette simply enhance or dial down this effect to start with. A great tool to have in my opinion, and you can play around with it to find the best setting for yourself.

Kratos and Atreus Visibility Settings

This is basically the settings to show different facial expressions for Kratos or Atreus, Show them, or hide them entirely, and more. You can also show or hide other characters in the camera with these settings.

Finally, when you are done will all the settings, and happy with the results, press “Prntscr” or Printscreen to take the picture. By default, it should save in your C: > Pictures > God of War Folder.

I have put up two images, showing you what you can do with the photo mode in God of War PC. Sincerely hope that this post has helped you in some way. I  have also made a short video, showing you the different settings in GoW. Do take a look at that if you want.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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