Gogoat in Pokémon SV: Its Weakness and How To Defeat It

Today we will learn about this pure Grass Type Pokémon named Gogoat, which has been introduced to Pokémon Scarlet and Violet (SV) Generation 9. Gogoat holds an outstanding level of HP Stat in the game. It can use its Physical moves to cause some actual damage to its opponent but can quickly be taken down by speed by other Pokémons in the game.

It can quite effortlessly adapt to challenging circumstances and even teach itself the Earthquake by leveling up. Although it has some minus points, it also has an impressive amount of immunity power, which is unknown to many players. Here are some of Gogoat’s weak points and the most suitable Pokémons that can put up a good fight against it. 

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Gogoat’s Weaknesses in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet (SV)

As a Grass Type Pokémon, Gogoat uses several high Base Power moves like Leaf Blade, Double Blade, and Earthquake. The best way to counter it efficiently is to attack it with Physical Moves as soon as possible in the battleground because of its weak lower defense compared to Special Defense. It can be taken down by:

  • Fire – x2
  • Ice – x2
  • Bug – x2
  • Poison – x2
  • Flying – x2

These all are very effective ways to combat a Gogoat. But in Grassy Regions, it can unleash its Hidden Ability, Grass Pelt, which can add 50% more to its Defense. In this situation, using Special moves would be a more intelligent decision. 

Gogoat’s Immunities in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet (SV)

Do not use any Grass moves with Gogoat because it has abilities like Sap Sipper, which strengthens its Attack stats and protects it against any Grass moves. Activities like Aromatherapy should also be avoided, for it will only activate Sap Sipper, making it hard to win the battle.

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Gogoat’s Strengths in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet (SV)

Gogoat can be a worthy opponent to similar Grass Type Pokémons because they cannot defeat it using their Grass STAB. However, it will be best to avoid using them as they might take reduced damage to :

  • Grass – 1/2 (without Sap Sipper)
  • Ground – 1/2
  • Water – 1/2
  • Electric – 1/2

It can utilize moves like Bulk Up to increase its Attack and Defense despite its weak Defense Stat and recover from any damage caused using Milk Drink. Gogoat may not be considered the strongest of Grass Type Pokémons, but it can take on a considerable amount of wear on both the Physical and Special aspects. 

gogoat habitat pokemon scarlet and violet

Best Opponents of Gogoat in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet (SV)

Gogoat is a strong Grass Type, but its moves throughout the level-ups are not very different from each other. Other Pokémons can quickly learn to defeat it in a short amount of time. It is mainly an expert in Grass moves and can be trained in Aerial Ace, Double Edge, and Earthquake to protect itself.

Flying Type Pokémons such as  StaraptorKilowattrel, and many others can be the best rivals when battling in the wild. On the other side, Bronzong, which uses Levitate Ability, can stop Gogoat’s movements in its track, making itself another worthy opponent.  

Overall, players will enjoy using this fierce Grass Type Pokémon in battles and gain victory quickly if they follow this detailed guide and keep these points in mind. 

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