Vampire Survivors: How To Find And Unlock Grim Grimoire

An indie-style vampire game that players can learn quickly, and play for hours to master. Vampire Survivors has done its best to engage gamers as they travel through the various levels.

 You can go after relics, items, and objects as you attempt to survive every level for the required amount of time. One of the most helpful relics in the game is the Grim Grimoire. 

It is a lifesaver for players who want to find out about the progress you have made so far. Therefore, you should definitely go for it in the game whenever you have the required level. The following guide will help players in finding the Grim Grimoire and unlock it. 

Vampire Survivors - Grim Grimoire

Vampire Survivors: Where to find the Grim Grimoire

The Grim Grimoire can be found in the second Stage of the game, the same level from where you will get the Stone Mask. The stage is called Inlaid Library, and players can enter it after getting to Level 20 in the Mad Forest. 

Having made your way inside, look at the map and find a purple tome that contains a red bookmark. Once you find it, follow it via the green arrow present on your screen. 

The other way to achieve this is to make your way to the far west corner of the starting region before you end up seeing the purple book on the floor. 

The Grim Grimoire can be found in front of a bookshelf that is standing directly opposite to another bookshelf. You can spot the purple tome as it will be on the circular table having two stools with a map on the wall behind. 

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The tome has a white bubble around it, alongside having sparkles shooting from it. Once you have the Grim Grimoire in your possession, you will not be able to see its icon on the map.

Vampire Survivors - Grim Grimoire Menu

Vampire Survivors: Unlocking the relic

After you have the Grim Grimoire, players will now have an extra button on their pause menu called the “Open Grimoire.” Once you click on it, you will be able to see all the Evolutions and Unions you have found till now. 

Additionally, you can also view what all weapons, items, and combinations were used to get each specific entry. Therefore, it acts as your personal guide when you want to check upon your journey till then. You will also see the ones you currently have marked in yellow. 

One thing to remember is that the Grim Grimoire will only show things that you have discovered already in the game. Therefore, you will not find any new weapons or items in it.

However, it will show how a combination of weapons can end up in an Evolution, even those are still to be learned by you. So, make sure to collect it and use it for the right purposes which will really help you make your journey in the game worthwhile. 

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