Golden Light Beginner’s Guide, Tips, And Tricks

This is a beginner’s guide for the game Golden Light. I’m trying to peel back the layers in this game. As with any good rogue-ish game, knowledge is very often power. I’m no expert, but I’ll try to keep a list of useful tactics that I found playing this game.

Please feel free to add things in the comments – I’ll add them as an update to the guide with credits to you.  Please note that this guide is likely not to be 100% accurate.

I’m logging and refining thoughts as I go. I will try to make notes on where things might be less than accurate.

General Tips & Tricks For Golden Light

The following tips are my own opinions. You may not agree with all points but leave a note for me in the comments to better update the guide.

Better To Run Away From Fights Than Engage

First, try crouching every time you either hear an enemy breathing, or you see one. It’s pretty interesting to see how much combat you can avoid by crouching.

If you are on fire, the quickest way to put it out is to jump back and forth. You can put it out so fast this way that you will take very little damage.

  • Combat is often inadvisable. It is often better to run away instead.
  • Enemies don’t stay aggressive forever, however, you need to break the line of sight before you have a chance of losing them.

Handling Monsters

The best way to disengage from a monster is to dash away, go around a couple of corners, and then crouch down and wait. If this is successfully pulled off, the monster will often run right by you, having turned back into its object form. If that doesn’t happen, simply wait and listen to it moving away from you.

  • Monsters will also give up the chase much faster if they are currently afflicted with any type of status ailment.
  • Enemies can be lured into traps in order to hurt/kill them.
  • This is best done in a hallway.
  • Note that traps have a cool-down though. If you pass over a trap just before a monster does, the trap will not activate on the monster.

Effective Use Of Keys

There are two types of keys in the dungeon. Normal keys, which are what you need to use to exit the floor, and golden keys, which are used to open locks in the hub world.

Unlike all other items, golden keys are NOT shown on the map, so pay attention as you explore each floor. On some floors, grabbing the last key for the floor will cause the entire floor to enter a sort of berserk mode.

  • This will cause every mimic to transform and rush towards your position.
  • To deal with this, don’t just grab keys the moment you see them.
  • Take note of which key is closest to the exit, and save that one for last.
  • Don’t try to fight while escaping during this, just keep running and jumping to dodge foes.
  • You don’t have to kill Fatties (meat doors), you can just go through them. 



If you want to test a consumable by throwing it, the best time to do it is when you’ve opened the locks and are standing right at the exit. That way, if it has an “attracts monsters” effect, you can immediately exit to safety.

  • Be warned that “clouds” caused by throwing consumables don’t discriminate between targets.
  • Not just monsters, but NPCs as well can be affected and even killed by this.
  • Worse, Fatties can be killed this way too.
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Opening Locked Doors

The only way to open a locked door in the dungeon is to smash it down. If you don’t have a melee weapon, you can use a gun to do this, but it will only put a small hole in the door.

Shoot once near the bottom of the door, and then crouch and go through that hole. Don’t try to shoot down the entire door and waste ammo.

Map Tips

Maps can be technically used as weapons, however, they are so weak that it’s mostly pointless. Use them for attacking only as a last resort. It isn’t just props that can be mimicked, weapons and consumables can be mimicked as well! Unlike real items, they do not show up on maps.

  • Bosses such as Carre can actually show up on maps, using the same? symbols that items use.
  • You can see them moving around the map in real-time, or see the symbol rotated into an unusual position.
  • There is always a map nearby when you enter a new floor.
  • Always find and look at it before proceeding.

Hub Zone

Be careful about picking up too many mementos. There are a couple of them that are absolute game enders. The more mementos you collect, the more likely you are to be stuck with one of these.

The biome is known as “The Cage” does not have a normal entrance. To get there, you must die in the hub zone. The mushroom monsters are those that can kill you there.

  • In the hub zone, look for a maze that is near one of the big gates.
  • In this maze, you will find a huge meat hole.
  • Jumping down there is how you access survival mode.
  • This mode drops you into a big floor with no exit, and constantly escalates the danger until you are overwhelmed by monsters.
  • Once you are in here, you cannot get back out without dying!


Status Effects

It is generally a good idea to periodically hit yourself with your weapon in order to help control the Gut’s anger. If you are going to eat a weapon (preferably a dead one, instead of one that produces a status effect) it might be a good idea to smack yourself once just before eating it.

  • Status effects on weapons can eventually wear down, reducing the weapon to the default “dead” state even before they actually break.

Note that bosses do not seem to be immune to status effects, so using that to your advantage can be a big help. Don’t jump up and run just because you hear a rampaging monster.

  • Look around first; the monster may be running towards and/or attacking something else or running away from something else.
  • Wait for the cacophony to die down before resuming your exploration.

If you pick up a note and the letters start vanishing, throw it away quickly. If too many letters vanish, the note will pop and you will be given a negative status effect. Always pick up notes that you see. Some of them will identify consumables for you.

  • Status “clouds” start out small, but spread very rapidly, eventually covering a huge area.
  • Because of this, when you test consumables by throwing them, always do so into a far corner of the dungeon, and only into an area that does not contain NPCs or Fatties.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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