Core Keeper | Complete Farming Guide

This is a comprehensive farming guide for the game Core Keeper. If you’ve played Minecraft or any other survival crafter with farming, you may already know what to do.

This is not a master’s guide, but just a collection of useful tips and tricks that hopefully helps someone who needs it. Check out the guide in full and leave your thoughts down below. 

Comprehensive Farming Guide For Core Keeper

I have jotted down the entire guide for you in the form of a few easy steps. Make sure you go through these and try to follow them.

Farming Steps:

Gather seeds

You can collect seeds from the different types of crops you find in the world. But they can also be dropped by Slimes or found in chests.

Craft a hoe and watering can

You will need both. This can be done at a crafting bench. You can make better quality tools at higher-tier benches.

Plow the land

After selecting the hoe, right-click on a dirt tile to cultivate it. You don’t have to worry about disturbing your farms. They can’t be destroyed by walking/running, fighting, harvesting, etc.

You may de-cultivate the land anytime by right-clicking again with the hoe. This will return it to normal. All plants can be grown on dirt, except carrots (carrocks) which must be planted on stone.

Plant your seeds and water the crop tiles

You can do this in whatever order you prefer. You can water first, or plant first, it doesn’t matter. But note that planted seeds will not begin growing unless you water them.

Select a seed and right-click to plant it on a tile

To fill the watering can, stand next to a water tile, select your watering can, and right-click. Your first watering can deplete very quickly, so I would recommend you do your farming very close to a water supply.


In about 5 minutes, your crops will mature. They often become vibrant and animated when they are ready, making it very obvious when the time is right to reap them.

You can harvest a mature crop with one left click. You will not be able to harvest unripe/immature crops with one left-click, which helps prevent harvesting mistakes. At least 1 crop is guaranteed during harvest, but seeds are not. Be careful not to waste or run out of seeds.

Other Farming Tips & Tricks

Root Plants

The root plants will mature on the tile you planted on and then spread to surrounding tiles. Give at least 2-3 tiles of space for these crops. They will absolutely grow onto your other crops.

I will mention that crafted flooring tiles do not allow wooden roots to spread over them.

So I have my farm encircled with wooden tiles since my root farm is nearby, and now they don’t encroach on my tilled croplands. Acts like a fence basically, except you can walk over it!

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Water Tiles

A watered farm tile will dry up on its own if left unused. Crop tiles will always use up their water when the crop is ready. It will need to be rewatered if you plant again after the harvest. I don’t think water tiles can be used to irrigate your crops.

It does not matter how close or far your farm is from water tiles, they still need to be manually watered using your watering can. I hope there’s a well or a sprinkler in the later game.

I think bringing a water tile near your crops just makes it a QoL to refill the can easier. You can get a well from the Forgotten Temple area.


Without a dedicated gardener, crops DO NOT reliably give many seeds. It is easy to use up all your seeds, harvest all your crops, and not have many seeds left to plant again.

Develop your gardening skills and/or go exploring to find more seeds. Seems like right-clicking with the hoe to harvest provides more seeds. Also if you’re having a hard time finding seed, the slimes drop them super easy.

Well, it’s definitely better than trying to explore and find stray plants out in the world! You can build a slime farm with slime tiles. Just wait a few minutes and kill them. Or use spikes.

The same goes for the maggot thingy. There is a petal ring, that grants a 22.7% extra harvest chance (pretty hefty).

Types of Crops

There are 3 basic crops available immediately and they are bomb peppers, heart berries, and glow tulips. We also found a carrot-type crop and a bean-shaped crop that produces fiber. Mushrooms can’t be planted. Maybe there’s a special pot or container for growing these?

There is another crop available after you defeat all three bosses in the next area, that you couldn’t previously get to, before defeating all three! It’s a ball-shaped seed and can only be grown on mold. 


For my planting/light essentials, I place down glow tulips throughout the field. So when they grow, they will give off light in case you turn one side of your base into plants as I did! Hoe is just meant for tilling, the better ones just have more durability.

Although it’d make more sense if better tools were needed for better grounds. I prefer to make Turfs because of their looks because the grass is nice. I will however go for Azeos’ Wilderness for the new stuff, I really want everything from there. 

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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