High On Life: Where And How To Find Human Haven Keycard

One of the newest games causing a lot of buzzes is High On Life which is the creation of Justin Roiland, the famed brain behind Rick & Morty. That is why it is no surprise that the game is undoubtedly off the rails in many ways. You have talking guns, a talking knife, aliens all around the way, and mighty bosses.

Playing as a bounty hunter, the overall objective in the game is to save humanity from being used as drug mules by aliens. There will be a lot of twists and turns, fun moments, and scary revelations.

One of the biggest surprises comes towards the end of the game when you will go to the Human Haven to find the last piece of the puzzle. Players will require a keycard to enter the Human Haven, which will have to be located by you. In that regard, the following guide will help players find out where the Human Haven’s keycard is in High On Life. 

High On Life - Human Haven

High On Life: Where to find the Human Haven keycard 

Players must take down Nipulon, the psychotic mantis, before they can start going after the keycard. You will have to go back to your base and the Bounty 5000. Open the Portals tab, and choose the office of Mayor Clugg of Blim City, which goes by the name of Nova Sanctus.

Nevertheless, you will not meet Mayor Clugg, who has bolted, and the windows are boarded up. The keycard will be on his main table, and you have to grab it to unlock the Human Haven later. 

High On Life - Human Haven keycard location

High On Life: How to use the Human Haven keycard

The keycard will be instrumental in finding a secret ending to the game alongside giving you the ‘Sequel Bait‘ trophy with a game score of 45. To access the Human Haven, return to your Bounty 5000 and bring out the Portals menu.

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There will be an ‘Unknown Sector,’ and this is the Human Haven. After reaching the location, the door you are looking for is not on the ground floor, so you must go up past the sign stating, “Do Not Climb.” Strap on the jetpack and head to the top of the building by following the blinking red lights, where there’s a closed door with a “No Trespassing” sign.

This is where you will have to use the keycard from Mayor Clugg’s office and what awaits you inside is something that players must find out for themselves. 

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High On Life - Human Haven door

Thus, that is all the information players will need regarding the keycard’s location for the Human Haven. The game is possibly hinting towards a sequel, and there are references to the exotic land in the game beforehand as well.

It is when you spot humans stuck inside cages and when you interact with them, Mayor Clugg transports them to the Human Haven. It also shows up on the Portal list, and you will meet humans in jumpsuits without being able to access the Human Haven until you get the keycard. 

Last Updated on December 21, 2022

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