High On Life: How To Defeat 9-Torg

The launch of High On Life has recently been a big talking point amongst gamers due to its wacky graphics and innovative gameplay. The talking guns have proved to be a big hit, with players hurtling across the galaxy to save mankind from a rogue alien race.

While the game is suffering from a few audio and sound issues, these can be solved by following some well-known fixes. Coming to the bosses you will meet, 9-Torg is the first major that can be a handful for newcomers.

Given that you would still be pretty raw at this stage, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the boss’ attacks and abilities, which can give you an advantage. In that regard, the following guide will help players understand how to take down 9-Torg and what to do best to win. 

High On Life - 9-Torg

How To Defeat 9-Torg

What are the attacks of 9-Torg

The fight starts with 9-Torg attacking you with her gun, which you can evade by being mobile and hiding behind the boxes strewn around. Another attack is a slow, green glob that can be dodged from a fair enough distance.

The central note for players is to strike her head using Kenny, which will most impact her health. The other big move is the glob attack which puts her down before you attack her feet with Knifey or move her around in the air.

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How to avoid the lasers of 9-Torg

The green laser shots happen after the blasts subside as she jumps out at you, and you would be wise to jump over them to avoid them. This is because if you try to duck, they will strike you and take a lot of health away.

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That is why leaping away is the preferred method that will allow you to keep attacking her and aiming for the main spots. Additionally, keep an eye for the crumbled sections of the floor too. 

High On Life - bounty 9-Torg

How to move around with the bugs and tether

The last thing that 9-Torg will try and attempt is to get the slime high into the sky, which means you will need to use Knifey to cling onto the bugs above the arena and move using them only. It would be best if you kept doing this for as long as the slime stays up in the air. 

How to win the battle and collect the bounty

The remainder of the fight is mostly 9-Torg using these three patented attacks. The fourth and last one appears after she has lost more than half her health. This involves her using a pink laser to fire directly at you, which you can avoid by using Knifey again to hang over the arena.

After the laser subsides, finish off 9-Torg with your gun, and you will win, thereby collecting the First Bounty Down achievement. 

High On Life - how to defeat 9-Torg

You will have to detach her mandible and gather proof of her death. The choice of finishing off or saving 5-Torg depends on the players themselves, but you will need to exit the arena by going through the round door and back via the slums where you had initially started. You will have to return to Gene at your house and use his machine to get the reward and become a full-time hunter. 

Thus, that is all the information players need information when fighting off 9-Torg in High On Life. It is a tough battle, given how early on it happens, but players should be able to get it done eventually using the skills at their disposal. 

Last Updated on December 19, 2022

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