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Certain cookies require Destiny 2 Personal Touch as an ingredient. Destiny 2 has brought back the Dawning event to end the year, which gives players the duty of making cookies for the game’s many characters. One of the components for cookies that you can collect is Personal Touch, but there seems to be a problem with it. Here is all the information you require on Destiny 2 Personal Touch.


How To Get Personal Touch In Destiny 2

There are only a few weeks left in the year, so it’s time to indulge in the festivities and look forward to the adventures 2023 will bring. Most likely, if you play Destiny 2, you’re participating in the Dawning event 2022 and looking forward to the Lightfall expansion.

  • The Dawning 2022 provides an event card with many quests and incentives for you to pursue, just like previous themed events this year.
  • A few of these recipes call for a personal touch, while most of these challenges include creating treats for various vendors.
  • How to farm Personal Touch in Destiny 2 is shown here.

Destiny 2 Personal Touch Bug Fix

Each ingredient in a cookie is provided for a specific purpose. You receive some for using particular tools or talents or for disposing of specific kinds of opponents. As the name implies, melee attacks are how Personal Touch is acquired. Particularly, adversaries that can be defeated using melee techniques drop Personal Touch. 

  • This distinction is crucial because only melee abilities—not all melee attacks—count.
  • Even with this in mind, many players still have trouble receiving even a minimal amount of Personal Touch.
  • Some of the triggers appear to be working inconsistently or not at all. Thankfully, it seems that there is a solution to the problem. 

When you use melee attacks to defeat foes, Personal Touch will drop. Using melee-focused builds and weapons with Pugilist or Wellspring might be helpful if you’re trying to fast collect a lot of Personal Touch. With their dodge and even some Exotics like Caliban’s Hand, Ophidia Spathe, or (indirectly) the Sixth Coyote, hunters have a basic melee synergy.

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  • With the Hammer Throw in Solar 3.0, Titans can use Heart of Inmost Light, Synthoceps, Wormgod’s Caress, or their preferred bonk build, and Warlocks can rely on the quickly regenerable Arc melee skills. 
  • The Monte Carlo Exotic auto rifle has a chance of replenishing your melee energy on a weapon kill, allowing you to go all-out in melee ability kills if you want to double down on melee generation. 

We can’t solve bugs, but we can find ways to get around them. There is a less-than-optimal way to obtain Personal Touch ingredients when your other melee abilities do not drop them. Grab a glaive and start bashing to get past it. The glaive’s melee ability, which creates Personal Touch, is relatively reliable.

  • It isn’t easy to pinpoint why strictly that is, but if you need to buy more Personal Touch, follow these steps.
  • The Glaive is a fantastic technique to harvest the components regardless because the melee ability is consistently available, unlike your standard melee skills like throwing knives.

That concludes the discussion of the Personal Touch cookie component in Destiny 2 and its related problems. Lightfall is on the way so gear up, Guardians!

Last Updated on January 2, 2023

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