How To Capture Soldiers/Vagrants In Myth of Empires

In this guide, I’m going to show you how you can subdue vagrants and get them as one of your Soldier Warrior companions. It’s a slightly different way to get them rather than just hiring them.

You might prefer to do this if you’ve not got the items to be able to actually pay for one, or you may just be into domination. But anyway you’re gonna need a few things to do this. Read the full guide to know exactly what you got to do.

WARNING: This post is strictly for guidance purpose for fictional characters inside a game. These guides are solely for the purpose of clearing stages and helping readers and is not intended to promote violence or any other explicit activity.

How To Capture and Subdue Vagrant Soldiers In Myth Of Empires

Soldiers In Myth Of Empires

Crafting The Necessary Items

Firstly you’re gonna have to have unlocked some things in the crafting recipes. And under the subdue soldiers section, you’ve got this element that says trap on it.

There you’ve got twine, a torture rack and a simple club. These are all the things you’re gonna need to be able to subdue these vagrants. So next up, you’re gonna have to craft these above-mentioned items.

Yes it will take a little while and to be honest with you, it can be quite long-winded. But now you know something you have to do, other than chopping trees. So in the architects bench,  you can create the torture rack.

Then at the weapons bench you can craft the simple club, and at the tailor bench, the twine.

How To Deal With Vagrants

Now once you’ve got these items, you can go off into the world and try and find a little vagrant camp. Try and find one near to your base, because it’s going to take ages to get them there.

Now once you’ve found a vagrant you want to subdue, you’ve just got to make sure you’ve got the club equipped. And you just, yeah, basically need to bludgeon them to a point where they’re gonna become subdued.

Now just be careful when you get their health down quite low. Because if you double tap the mouse by accident you will kill them with a final swing. You’ll know when you’ve done it because you’ll get this option of coming up to talk to them and you can carry them.

Yes now comes the fun part of carrying them all the way back to your base. Because at this point in time it doesn’t seem that you can put them on the back of your horse which would be nice. Maybe it will be added in a future update.

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Subduing Vagrants Again

Another tip that I’ll give you is, once you’ve subdued them, you can go into their inventory and take off their weapons and Armor.

This will help you because unfortunately along the way, they are gonna become unsubdued briefly, once their health reaches a certain level.

And at that stage you just got to bludgeon them a couple of times again. Just to be able to get them down to that subdued state. Again be careful you’re not hitting them too many times.

Because you will kill them which happened to me a few times and was a little frustrating.

Subduing Vagrants

What To Do Back In Your Camp

But once they’re back at your camp, you can put them on the torture rack. Notice that there’s this obedience bar below their HP. You’ll have to wait a little while for this to reach a hundred percent. Just keep an eye on their food level as well.

You can add food into their inventory by interacting with the torture rack itself. Once you reach 100 it will say warrior subdued.

Once you press E on them to interact, you’ll be able to name your vagrant. Just like you can with other warriors that you may hire at the campfires.

Now the only issue I found was, I already had a follower. Unfortunately I couldn’t have another one at this stage. So she’s got to stay on the rack for a while until I can upgrade one of the talents or skills in the command section.

Under charisma, notice that you’ve got a few options where you can increase your warrior skills. That is one way you can increase the number of warriors that you can have by your side. 

How To Release Subdued Vagrants

And the final tip I’ll give you is, once you are ready to let them free into the world from their submissive state all you have to do is press and hold down on E when you’re looking at the torture rack, to bring up a set of extra options.

It will give you the option to torture rack release.

Now your freshly subdued warrior is free to be set loose on the world.

How To Release Subdued Vagrants

So if this guide has helped you don’t forget to comment and watch this space for more Myth of Empires info.

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Last Updated on December 17, 2021

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