How to Get Gnat Fuzz in Grounded

In this guide for Grounded, we will show you the locations for Gnat Fuzz and how to get it. Gnat fuzz is required in the game to make bows mainly. You can use the bow with thistle needle arrows, to kill a lot of tanky bugs and spiders.

There are two main locations for these flying insects, to get the Gnat Fuzz. We will show them in this walkthrough.Want to know the exact map locations for resources and bugs/spiders? Check out Grounded guide Map.

Grounded – Gnat Fuzz Locations

1. In front of the Oak Tree

This location is just in front of the oak tree, where the large Lantern Like Structure is. This structure lights up at night, so it is easily noticeable. This is a hotspot for Gnats and you can easily find a few here. However, for some reason, this spot is inconsistent, and once or twice, we did not find any of them at all. This brings us to our second and ideal location.

2. At the Rose Flower Garden

This spot is visible from the Oak Tree, and easily accessible also. The best spot to safely farm these Gnats is by going on top of the leaves. That is because, right in front of it is the Spiders Den, and it can be annoying at times to kill these Gnats when there is a large spider after you!
The Rose flower garden is our personal preferred spot. That is because there are pollens at the base of the plant, and the spawn of Gnats is consistent there. You can also find Thistle Needle there, so, a bonus spot overall.

Simply kill these insects, and get the Gnat Fuzz which drops on the ground. You can also get Gnat Meat. Cook it and eat it to restore your hunger bar.

If you find any other consistent spots for Gnats, do let us know in the comments below. That would be all for this guide. Thanks for dropping by!

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