How To Solve NFS Unbound Crashing Probems

It is finally here! The much-awaited racing game of 2022 in the famed franchise is finally here with Need for Speed Unbound.

The graphics have already stood out with their anime-style visuals and supreme palette of colors. While some are still nostalgic over the past few days, there has been a lot of optimism surrounding NFS Unbound.

Given that it had been quite a while since the last release, players are excited to launch and rule the streets. Nevertheless, there are some teething problems faced by many of us which include the game stopping abruptly and even blacking out.

This has been a common issue with a lot of games nowadays, and the following guide will help players with different methods of how to go about solving the issues. 

NFS Unbound

NFS Unbound: How to solve crashing problems

Get the latest NFS Unbound graphics drivers

While most players will have the graphics drivers locked and loaded, this can be a pretty understated area when it comes to problems. Your system may have the best graphics but you will need to update them with your respective provider.

This is where the newest versions come into play, with Nvidia and AMD both releasing individual drivers (titled ‘Game Ready’ and ‘AMD Adrenalin’ respectively). 

Disable your anti-virus

Another common issue that is prevalent. Players will need to change their real-time virus-checking tool, meaning the system will be letting NFS Unbound through. Here are the steps to follow if you are on Windows Defender: 

  • Go to Update and Security in Settings before choosing Windows Security
  • Select Virus and threat protection as you need to change it now
  • There is the option to not include NFS Unbound in the list of protected applications by ‘adding an exclusion’
  • Choose the game’s .exe file and launch the game again

NFS Unbound - fixes

Remove the PcDx12 file

A common solution for many players is to remove this particular file from the list of available ones. 

  • Open \Documents\Need For Speed(TM) Unbound\cache
  • Remove the PcDx12 file 
  • Move to the NFS Unbound folder and choose “shadercache”
  • There is another PcDx12 file here which you need to remove too
  • Begin NFS Unbound now
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Use simple graphics settings

NFS Unbound is notorious for having extremely high graphics usage so playing on ultra level should be avoided. Additionally, you can start from the lowest graphics and then move on slowly by checking the different resolutions.

The one that works perfectly for you may not be the best one so make sure you are checking thoroughly. 

Repair the game files 

There are three platforms hosting the game and you can fix the game’s files on each of them by following the below steps: 

EA Play

  • Select “My Collection” from EA Play
  • Right-click on NFS Unbound and choose Repair
  • Start EA Play again after it is done


  • Visit the Game Library in Origin
  • Choose NFS Unbound and open the Settings
  • Start the repair process

EPIC Games

  • Select the Library in EPIC Games 
  • There are the three dots indicating Settings and select Verify


  • In your Steam Library, right-click on NFS Unbound 
  • Choose Properties 
  • There are the Local Files where you will have to “Verify Integrity” 

NFS Unbound - Crashing issues

Go to Origin instead of EA Play

The former has remained a superior choice over the years and EA Play has been struggling a bit. Players can get certain benefits from Origin which is a bit more stable and this is a method that you should definitely go for if you are concerned with the other options. 

Disable MSI Afterburner or Rivatuner Statistics 

This is a very specific solution for players who are using this particular software. You can check your system statuses with these but they can give problems to the game over a while. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need when it comes to solving the crashing issue. The underlying fact is that players are using Windows 10 and 11 which are the minimum requirements.

The former is a better choice, but both should come good with time. As to the other steps, there is no doubt one or more of them will be able to fix your issues. 

Last Updated on December 3, 2022

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