Kao The Kangaroo: How To Complete Different Stages Guide

It is finally here! After a break of 17 years, the latest edition of Kao The Kangaroo has finally launched worldwide. The 3D – action game follows the titular character Kao as he platforms through the various levels and collects items.

You meet a variety of enemies along the way as you keep on searching for your sister, Kala, and long-lost dad, Koby. Given the sheer number of collectibles on offer, players will be tempted to give every level a thorough checking before moving on. Indeed, anything that you find will help the gameplay in a different and fun manner.

When it comes to the total time players will need to complete the game, it depends on how you want to go about it. If the goal is to make your way through the various stages as quickly as possible, then of course, the overall game time will be shorter.

However, if you want to take your time and make sure to gather everything on offer, then strap in for a longer time period. 

Kao The Kangaroo

Kao The Kangaroo: How long to complete the different stages

Kao The Kangaroo has four worlds for players to enjoy. Every world has a specific hub area with collectible items, three normal levels with the exception of Isle of Eternity, and one main boss stage.

Therefore, there are 19 different stages in Kao The Kangaroo and you can find the full list here: 

Hapalloo Island

  • Walt’s Dojo
  • The Dark Forest
  • Terror’s Lair
  • Hopalloo Island
  • The Lava Caves

The Frozen Mountains

  • The Icy Slopes
  • The Hot Springs
  • Temple of Spirits
  • The Frosty Canyon
  • The Frozen Mountains

The Hungry Jungle

  • The Durian Valley
  • The Monkey Park
  • River Track
  • The Jungle Throne
  • The Hungry Jungle
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The Isle of Eternity

  • The Sparkly Funfair
  • The Crystal Caverns
  • The Eternal Chambers
  • The Isle of Eternity

Kao The Kangaroo has several stages that can be crossed through in 20-30 minutes. Players playing for the first time will take some more time, given the unfamiliarity with the setting. If you are going after every item in every stage, that will expand the game time of course.

Kao The Kangaroo game

However, the boss battles are shorter than completing each level, with an average completion time of around five minutes. Given that that there are 19 levels as mentioned above, the average calculated time for a regular gamer is eight to 10 hours.

It can vary depending upon a lot of reasons, including a player’s familiarity with these type of games, the attraction to collecting items, and general game play. 

Moreover, if you are gearing towards picking up all the collectibles, the game time will be extended exponentially. It can cross 15+hours by going down this route, though the completion level will be full 100%. Kao The Kangaroo’s relaunch into the mainstream has certainly excited players who have been waiting for another edition.

Players can take their time in exploring the new features of the game, as it has come a long way from its previous game of 2005. Therefore, make sure to keep playing the game and see how it turns out for you!

Last Updated on July 11, 2022

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