Roblox | Best Tips And Tricks For Combat Warriors

This is my first guide on Roblox and I am super excited! In this guide, I am going to be sharing a few handy tips and tricks which I have acquired along the way while playing Roblox. And today I am sharing a few tips and tricks on Combat Warriors. Do check out the full guide and let me know how you liked it.

Combat Warrior Tips And Tricks For Roblox

These are some tips and tricks for Combat Warriors. Let’s get into it.

Throwing Grenades

Tip number one is to throw your grenades directly in the air if you’re new with grenades and don’t know their trajectory.

If you don’t know where they’re going to go, an easy way to actually land your grenades is just to look straight up and throw them. Because they’re always going to land in the same spot every time. You just gotta remember the distance.

Using Bear Traps

Something else you could do with utilities is bear traps. They are very easy to hide in certain spots and you can get some pretty easy kills from them.

You can also put them at the top of staircases because people will go up the stairs and not see them and get nailed by the bear trap and take damage.

How To Cancel Weapon Swings

Tip number three is to cancel your weapon swings. You don’t always have to go through your swings. So an easy way just to avoid getting parried is to cancel the swing of your weapon.

All you have to do is, when you swing your weapon, just press the button on your keyboard to put away your weapons while you’re swinging and you’ll cancel your swing and you’ll avoid getting buried.

Slash Reset

There’s a new mechanic added recently that people aren’t exactly familiar with and it’s the slash reset. If you go to the settings in the bottom right there’s a slash delay cooldown and pretty much the higher you set it, the longer it takes for your swing chain to reset.

  • So normally for example you’ll swing left then right then straight down.
  • If you set it to one and you swing left and if you wait for a second, it’ll reset and swing left again.
  • So if you set it to three you’ll swing left and then you wait a couple of seconds and then it’ll swing left again.
  • Pretty much it’s to reset your swing chain.
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It’s very useful. I recommend setting it to the lowest possible because normally the third swing of most weapon chains is kind of booty and you only need the first two swings.

So that’s good, especially for heavy weapons it’s a very good feature to set to the lowest possible, so you have more consistent swings and draw parry bait.

Pretty much all you do is just pull your weapon and put it away and that’s it. You might say what’s that gonna do? Well, it baits parries.

People might think you’re gonna swing at them but you don’t. You just pull your weapon and put it away and they get scared and they parry, then boom you kill them. It’s really that simple.

Tip For Aiming

Here’s a tip for ranged weapons. Since a lot of you probably have really bad aim, an easy way to land your shots consistently is just don’t move across it very much.

Use your body or just simply leave your crosshair. They’re gonna walk into it and you just shoot when you see them walk into it.

You don’t have to do much aiming at all. It’s literally just using your keyboard to move and just slightly moving your crosshair occasionally. It’s pretty simple actually.

It’s a very good tip when you’re learning range weapons and finally, the most important tip is to go read my other guides. Please go read them, guys. 

If you read the full guide then do follow my tips to know the results in actual gameplay. I think you will find them useful. Thank you for staying with us and cheers!

Last Updated on October 22, 2022

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