Legion TD 2 – Useful Console Commands for Custom Games

Legion TD 2 is an infinitely replayable multiplayer and single-player tower defense game. You can check it out on Steam if you want. In this game, you will defend against waves of enemies and destroy the enemy’s king before they destroy yours. Legion TD 2 consists of a variety of games of tactics, teamwork, and prediction. Party up from 1-8 players and enjoy the game as you want.

If you enjoy custom games with friends or other online players, or just want to test out Console/Chat commands, this post will definitely help you. In this guide, I have listed down all the commands you can use in Legion TD 2. They include:

Useful Console Commands for Legion TD 2 Custom Games

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General Commands

You can use these generally anywhere in the game by opening up the console. These lines of commands do not require you to input any special option or toggle anything. You can simply use them in-game anytime. Check them out:

  • -help: This shows you the total command information and details
  • -value: Displays fighter value.
  • -next: Displays information about the next wave.
  • -info X: Displays information about wave X. Here X can be any number.
  • -pierce, -impact, -magic, -pure: Displays information about an attack type. They include the parameters of piercing damage, impact, magic, and pure damage.
  • -swift, -natural, -arcane, -fortified, -immaterial: Displays information about a defense type. The types of commands you can use are swift, natural, arcane, fortification, and immaterial.
  • -ranged, -air, -boss, -miniboss: Displays information about a special wave type. In this game you get ranged, aerial, bosses, and minibosses as enemies.

Debug Commands

Debug commands are special commands. You can only use them when debugging mode is enabled. To enable that you need to type “-debug” in the console. Here are the rest of the commands under debugging mode. Take note that you cannot use these with activating the mode:

  • -debug: Enable debug mode.
  • -builder X: Changes your builder to X (where X is 0, 1, 2, or 3).
  • -greedisgood: Gives you 10k gold, 10k mythium, 100 supply and resets merc timers.
  • -gold X: Gives you X gold.
  • -mythium X: Replace X by any number you wish. This gives you X number of mythium.
  • -supply X: Gives you X supply.
  • -maphack: Reveals the map for you (cannot be undone).
  • -clear: Clears the wave.
  • -clearwest: Clears the wave on West only.
  • -cleareast: Clears the wave on East only.
  • -heal: Heals both kings.
  • -healeast: Heals the east king.
  • -healwest: Heals the west king.
  • -autoheal: Automatically heals kings when they are low.
  • -wave X: Sets the wave to X.
  • -reset X: Resets the wave, removing towers, resetting income/workers, and giving you gold equal to what you would get for clearing waves before that.
  • -start: Starts the wave immediately.
  • -open X: Opens slot X for spawns.
  • -close X: Closes slot X for spawns.
  • -buildall: Allows building everywhere on the map (useful for testing multiple builds at once).
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Try out these commands and let me know if any of them do not work for you. I will be sure to address that in the comments below. Do let me know how you are enjoying Legion TD 2 as well. Thanks for reading this brief guide and I will see you soon with more of such content!

Last Updated on December 13, 2021

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