MADDEN 22 – Get 4000 Free Training Points and Coins

In this guide for MADDEN 22, I will show you a couple of ways to get free training points and Coins as well. The first one is for 4000 Free training points. The second topic I will discuss is regarding the free coins. Take a look…


MADDEN 22 – Get Free Training (4000) Points and Coins

As you may have already known, you can link your amazon prime account to Madden 22. What that does is it help you in getting freebies every month. The free Prime packs include:

  • MUT Prime Zero Chill Pack – December, 21
  • Prime Gaming Pack #6 – January, 22
  • Prime Gaming Pack #6 – February, 22

You can view the rest of the list from the tabs given there.

After you have linked the amazon prime account to your Madden 22 account, go to the Claim option for the current pack:

  • Click on the pack
  • Select “Complete Claim”
  • This months reward is 1 x 92 OVR Calvin Johnson (NCAT Player)

How To Get Free Training Points?⇓

If you have successfully linked you amazon prime account to your Madden account, your loot will be available to you the next time you login to Madden 22. If you want to relink the accounts, check out the offcial link: [LINK]

Take note that you are only allowed to link one Madden Account with any amazon prime account. Once you have linked the Madden 22 account, you cannot unlink that for 6 Months. Content will be available for the first platform you login to with your linked EA account

To get Free Training:

  • Simply quick-sell 92 OVR Calvin Johnson (NCAT Player)
  • You will get 4000 Free training points in exchange
  • Do this only if you do not need these players in the first place.
  • The Free training points rewarded is decent so definitely give it a go

These packs can take a while to be delivered to your account. The time range is variable from 10 minutes to an Hour also. Wait patiently and claim them as they come.

When To Claim these packs?⇓

Madden 22 does not tell you when it is available for you to claim these packs. So you are at the mercy of other websites and other sources for this information. Since I will be covering all sorts of MADDEN 22 guides:

  • You can bookmark this website
  • Check back every month’s first week
  • Usually that is when the packs become claimable for you

How To Get Free Coins in MADDEN 22⇓

In madden 22, there are power-up glitches that can grant you Free Coins as well. We have seen this occurence before, and this is basically due to some error from the developers side and the severs side.

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You can get free coins from the developers in the form of “Make Rights” or compensations for these mixups or glitches. Well this time also, there is a mixup in the making. to find that out do the following:

  • Go to Auction House
  • Select “Binders”
  • Look at some of the Zero chill players
  • Search for TASHAUN Gipson (85 OVR)
  • Go to search and filter it by Gipson to check clearly

You will notice that Gipson’s powerups and his OVR is the same overall. Usually the power-ups are around 10 lower that the OVR of the card. But you will see that this is not the case here. 

This is a glitch of EA’s part and I am thinking that they will soon do a “Make Rights” move once again, compensating the players with Free coins as they have done the same in the past. I am still not sure about the exact make rights, but that is what I think.

To get the “Make Right”:

  • Purchase some of these Same Power Up – OVR Cards
  • Keep them in your account for some time
  • Sell them off after a period of time

I am still not sure about the make rights this time but just to be safe, you can do this trick and see if it is does work.

How To Get MUT Rewards⇓

If you are playing MADDEN 22 for some time now, you must be opening packs and doing other activities inside the game. These activities get rewarded from EA. They come in the form of Free MUT rewards for spending time and resources in-game.

You can get free MUT Rewards every single month as you progress and open more packs. For the this month (12.12.2021):

  • All Pro Fantasy Pack x 2 – Free MUT Reward

If you happen to have a EA Play Pro subscription, you can get more free packs from EA so keep that in mind. Even after cancelling the subscriptions, you can still get rewarded for some additional free packs.

In conclusion, I want to say that you should go ahead and do these activities as soon as you can. If the glitch gets fixed before you purchase the cards, your chances of getting any make rights rewards become less.

Also make sure to only sell the players from the amazon link packs, IF you do not need them. Since these can be 92,93 OVR ratings, they come at a decent cost so do that at your own risk

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Last Updated on December 12, 2021

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