Modern Warfare 2 – Best Graphics Settings for PS5

The much-awaited Beta release for the massively popular Call of Duty Franchise has finally kicked off! This time it is called Modern Warfare 2 (II). A lot was riding on the developer team to make this one the suitable successor to the global sensation.

In my opinion, and a lot of other players, they have hit the spot with this one! Even though this is just the BETA version for MW2, this still looks promising and is worth the money to purchase.

One of the key things to note is the polishing in graphics for MW 2 this year. The reflections and effects, especially the weapon feel and recoil look amazing. The effects are nicely balanced and I am already loving the BETA of this game.

In this guide, my aim is to show you some tweaks and changes you can do to enhance your performance and experience in MW 2 on a PS5. Once the game releases for PC, I will cover that as well in a separate post so stay “posted” with this website.

COD MW 2 - 2022

Best Graphics Settings for Modern Warfare 2 on a PS5

You would think that in a PS5, cranking up all the settings to ON and MAXED is the ideal thing to do since the Console is meant for it, and can handle it easily. Well, that is true, but to get a better experience, you need to tweak and know some of the settings and what they do. Let’s check it out…

On-Demand Texture Streaming

This is a feature that exists on PC for some time now. It was introduced to consoles for Warzone specifically and is now included in COD MW 2. What On-Demand Texture Streaming does is it allows players to stream high-resolution textures which improves the games’ fidelity.

I keep this ON, since this saves the overall package size for Modern Warfare 2, and saves some amount of space in your storage. This is, however, a small amount but it takes off some load from your storage and rendering.

World and Weapon Motion Blur

I keep Motion Blur OFF. That is because no matter how great the game looks and feels unless I am playing the campaign, this hinders my performance to aim and shoot properly. The response time for me is faster when I keep this one off. The same applies to me regarding weapon motion blur as well.

COD MW2 motion blur

Film Grain

This setting makes your graphics look noisy or clear depending on how much you set it to. For me, a sweet spot was 0.25 Film Grain which gave me clarity and performance at the same time. You can play around with this and let me know what feels best for you.

Depth of Field

This gives depth to your game and makes your weapon and view more realistic. I personally keep this ON, on my PS5. This is optional and if you do not like it, I recommend that you turn this off.


Turn this option ON for the best experience for Modern Warfare 2. Also, keep the Strength at 1. This will make your game look great. AMD FidelityFX Contrast Adaptive Sharpening (CAS) provides a mixed ability to sharpen and optionally scale an image. This is ideal for a game like COD where every aspect of detail is enjoyable and visually stunning.

Field of View

There are two aspects to this option. Weapon FoV and ADS FoV. First of all, try to find a sweet spot where your FoV is not so much that your aim goes off! For me, the sweet spot was 100. It can be a different value for you. You can also set this to the max and then adjust from there. Leave the subcategories to their default value.

  • ADS FoV – Affected (Default)
  • Weapon FoV – Narrow (Default)

3rd Person Field of View

This is totally up to you. I personally have not tested this option out yet. I am hoping that this enhances the experience in Vehicle Mode and 3rd Person View as well. I kept this to the default value of 80. You can turn this up to 100 or more depending on your taste.

COD MW 2 graphics settings for PS5



If you play around with the settings and keep the points I gave above in mind, you will be able to experience Modern Warfare 2 in all of its Glory. You can also just max out everything and run the game. I personally tried it out and found it to be quite enjoyable.

But since I like to do well in multiplayer, I tend to optimize my settings and visuals to the best of my knowledge to get those extra advantages in crunch moments. Let me know how you are enjoying the game and how excited you are for the full release as well.

If there are any changes from this version to the full version, I will make sure to update the post with the same. If you face any issues with the game or any setting, do comment down below and I will try to aid you. Thanks for reading…

Last Updated on September 24, 2023

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