Monster Hunter Rise PC | All Rare Endemic Life/Creature Locations

This is a guide regarding where to find Rare Creature/Endemic Life in Monster Hunter Rise PC. Some simple notes about the five mythical/special endemic life to find are included here.

When you are looking for these rare creatures specifically, you can easily reload a mission or expedition should they not spawn. The creatures do not spawn always, based on my personal experience.

Therefore no need to doubt yourself when you do not find them on your first try! Just try it again next time! Happy hunting!

All Endemic Life Locations In Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

Rare Endemic Life, also officially known as Rare Creatures, are endemic life that only appear in a specific place, at a specific time. There’s one Rare Endemic Life for each locale, and they’re all situated in locations that people generally do not look at.

They won’t appear in the Hunter’s Notes unless you take a photograph of them, so make sure you get your camera out and get up close and personal with them!

If you use the Greeting option in your Action Bar in front of them, Rare Endemic Life usually respond in their own way. Try it out!

Here is the list of locations of all Rare Creatures Endemic Life in Monster Hunter Rise:

Snow-faced Fox

Here are the location, Note, and specials for Snow faced Fox:

  • Location: Shrine Ruins – Night
  • Note: Likes to sit atop a gate. It is a fox, alright! (reference to Japanese shrine fox)
  • Special: High-five friendly! Cool fox!


Here are the location, Note, and specials for Monksnail:

  • Location: Frost Islands – Night
  • Note: They are more of a background character – as in: watch the coast. They are so big, you can hardly miss it ever if it spawns. The Monksnail was my first rare creature I have found, simply due the noise it makes when it is traveling ~
  • Special: Greets you back when you wave them!


Here are the location, Note, and specials for Quetzalcobra

  • Location: Flooded Forest – Sunset
  • Note: Entrance to the shrine which is located at the grand temple needs to be bombed open
  • Special: Cool snake! High-five! Can also dance…?


Here are the location and Note for Regitrice:

  • Location: Sandy Plains – High Noon
  • Note: Rather easy to find within the ruins during day time, due to its special pedestal.


Here are the location and Note for Hellbill:

  • Location: Lava Caverns – Daybreak
  • Note: Almost as easy to find as Regitrice due to its special location. Close surroundings is very rich in ore.

Rise to the challenge and join the hunt! In Monster Hunter Rise, the latest installment in the award-winning and top-selling Monster Hunter series, you’ll become a hunter, explore brand new maps and use a variety of weapons to take down fearsome monsters as part of an all-new storyline.

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That is all I had in this guide for you. Be sure to check out our other guides on Monster Hunter Rise before you exit. 


Here are some of the reviews which players have left about this game:

” It may not look as pretty as Monster Hunter World, but I’m 5 hours in and the amount of quality of life and new features that are in this game is insane. For instance:

  • Armor and weapons no longer are stored in the same inventory box as the rest of your items; they’re also organized in the equip menu by armor set, and weapon type, meaning you can easily find what you want, instead of sifting through pages of different item types, or trying to remember which identical, different colored icon is which weapon or armor piece.
  • The Palamute as a combat companion and a mount is insanely good, allowing for fast traversal, and movement at full speed while sharpening or consume other items between fights.
  • The action bar as a second, separate shortcut menu is amazing; so much more hotkey access.
  • The Wirebug allows for even more insane traversal, by letting you set up custom grapple points in the level, or by letting you simply make temporary ones to recover from knock up/backs.
  • The MKB controls are by default tolerable, with only one or two keys I wanted to change by default (the wirebug button is a ‘hold’ action, bound to MMB, and expects you to press it on conjunction with LMB, RMB, MB4 and MB5 depending on what you want to do–which is mostly just uncomfortable, not impossible).
  • The game doesn’t really waste your time early on, instead opting to let you jump right into hunting after a single tutorial, making the other tutorials optional, to let you get into the meat of the game as soon as possible.

I have a feeling I’m going to like the rest of the game too. ”   – says Mike Dolson.

” Eat dango, ride doggo.”   – says Todd”

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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