God of War PC | How To Beat Troll and Stranger (Hardest Difficulty)

This guide gives you all the info you need to know about how to beat the bosses of God of War on the Highest Difficulty (Give Me God of War Difficulty) without using the HUD.

The bosses discussed here in the guide are Troll (Daudi Kaupmadr) and The Stranger. I am also going to make a guide on Fire Troll (Brenna Daudi) very soon. So take a look at the full guide.

How To Beat Troll & Stranger In Hardest Difficulty In God Of War PC

In this guide you will get to know about two preliminary bosses in the game God of War. 

How To Beat Troll (Daudi Kaupmadr)

This is the game’s tutorial boss and he is very simple to defeat. He has three main offenses:

  • 1st Attack : The Troll raises a leg and stomps the ground. He can stomp several times consecutively. The stomp will deal damage, stun you, and push you backwards away from the Troll.
  • 2nd Attack: The Troll does a thrust attack using his massive stone pillar.  When playing on NG and Give Me God of War difficulty, two attacks are enough to kill you. 
  • 3rd Attack: The Troll does an overhead smash with the stone pillar. This is the hardest attack to dodge because it has the best tracking out of all the Troll’s offenses.

In addition, the Troll can do several overhead smashes consecutively and each smash refreshes the tracking on you. This is very dangerous because on Give Me God of War Difficulty, two attacks are enough to kill you.

How To Deal With The Offenses

1st Attack: You can defend this attack with your shield or (better option) dodge the shock wave. Dodging will let you combo into an attack; but defending will push you back.

2nd Attack: The easiest way to counter this attack is for you to dodge left. Defending is not recommended because you will take heavy damage.

3rd Attack:  It’s heavily telegraphed, which gives you enough time to dodge. Be careful and dodge left. You can get a couple of attacks in between overhead smashes. defending is not recommended because you will take heavy damage.

If you can dodge the Troll’s offenses and keep hitting him with light offenses using the Leviathan Axe, you should be able to defeat him in three to four minutes on Give Me God of War difficulty.

How To Beat The Stranger

Throughout this fight, you should use Kratos’ bread-and-butter combo: Light Attack, Light Attack, Heavy Attack, Light Attack, Light Attack, Light Attack. This boss fight has three parts:

Part 1:

In the first part, The Stranger will let you get some free attacks before he fights back. The Stranger has a limited set of offenses during this part. You can defend almost all of the Stranger’s offenses during this part.

The Stranger can lunge directly at you with a punch (defend-able). He can side-step your attack or even grab your axe followed with a counter-punch (defend-able). The Stranger can speed across the map in a zig-zag pattern ending with a punch/kick (defend-able and parry-able).

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He will do a ground pound which is preceded by a flashing red circle (NOT defend-able). The red circle appears any time any enemy is doing a non defend-able attack. The ground pound sends out a shock wave directly in front of the Stranger.

How To Deal With The Attack

You can dodge out of the way to the left or the right. The Stranger is immobile for a few seconds after his ground pound attack, so you should take advantage by sprinting at him and getting in a few attacks.

Part 2:

This part will begin when you are already in Spartan Rage mode. You are invincible during this mode so you should take advantage of the situation and deal as much damage to the Stranger as possible before Spartan Rage wears off.

Once Spartan Rage wears off, be prepared because the Stranger is much more aggressive than in part 1. He still has the same move-set but he will attack and dodge your offenses much more frequently. Keep looking for the Stranger’s wind-ups because he telegraphs everything.

Part 3:

The Stranger will be even more aggressive than in the previous two parts. He also has a new undependable attack: he will jump directly up into the air and crash back down to the ground doing massive damage to you. You should avoid getting hit by this at all costs.

How To Fight Back

Fortunately, there is a delay when the Stranger is in the air. As soon as you see the Stranger jump into the air, you should dodge-roll out of the radius of impact which is indicated by a circle of flying snow near the ground.

Once the Stranger lands, he will be immobile for a few seconds, so you should take advantage by sprinting at him and getting in a few attacks. You should be more careful during this part because the fighting area is surrounded by stone walls.

You should try to stay away from the walls because they will interfere with the camera which can be fatal because this boss is all about looking out for telegraphed offenses and dodging, defending, and parrying appropriately.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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