Monster Hunter Rise PC | Best Keyboard And Mouse Settings

Monster Hunter Rise has been released on PC on 12th January, 2022. Like Monster Hunter: World, MH: Rise is kind of difficult to handle with mouse & keyboard, if your mouse has more than the average amount of inputs.

Here’s a recommended list of changes I think you should make to your keybinds, as I find this the most comfortable setup. Check out the full guide to know more. 

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Best Keybinds & Mouse Control Settings For MHR

The keyboard controls for MH: Rise is divided into sub-categories, namely, Ideal binds, Ranged keybinds, and other controls. Do check them out one by one to know the full details.

How To Find These Settings

Get into the game and complete some of the basic “run around the village and greet people” objectives. Then, press ESC to go into the menu. Select the fifth and final tab in the menu.

Options is the first selection from the dropdown. From there, most of the things I tweak in this guide are in Controls, Key Bindings. But I also list a few other things too in the other section.

Ideal Keybinds

For Melee

Lock On/Change Target should be changed to T (note: I just use T here because it’s an intuitive button for “target” and more importantly, I barely use it.

Lock on is awful in Monster Hunter’s combat. So not being able to reach the button conveniently isn’t an issue)

Guard/Special Weapon Action should be changed to Ctrl. This governs actions like blocking as well as moves like Performance on Hunting Horn. Also what you press to Wiredash in the aimed direction in the wirebug aim.

Weapon/Wirebug Reticle (Hold) should be changed to both V and Q as primary and secondary inputs (order doesn’t matter). This governs what you hold to aim Wirebugs and what you hold to use a Silkbind Attack afterwards.

V and Q both means your left hand has a way to reach this function from both angles. It can be more comfortable depending on the situation. I usually prefer Q for combat/silkbind attacks, and V for traversal.

Multi-Button Action/Mounted Punisher should be changed to middle mouse button. This is a convenient bind for some input simplifcations. Things like a Hunting Horn Overhead Smash can be executed with one button press instead of two simultaneous ones.

(Note: I go back and forth on this one, because using middle mouse button for the Wirebug Reticle instead of V is genuinely neat too. Consider this one more personal preference.)

Item Bar (Hold)/Reset Camera should be changed to R. This just moves the function around to a perfectly fine, unused key.

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For Ranged

Note: Please bear in mind, I don’t really use ranged weapons. So this is a control scheme based from my personal perspective.

You also don’t need to really customise the keybinds of Ranged weapons if you aren’t planning on using them. And the same goes for melee weapons.

Lock On/Change Target should be changed to T. Same reasoning as above.

Dash (Toggle)/Sheathe Weapon should be changed to Shift. By default, this bind is EMPTY which is borderline unplayable. Sheathing your weapon is an important button and IMO should be consistently mapped to Shift.

Dash (Hold) should be changed to Ctrl. This way, your Silkbind Attack button to hold is Ctrl. Yep, that’s the real use of this bind, the name is very misleading. Ctrl is easy enough to reach while pressing either Q or R.

Special Attack (Weapon Drawn)/Silkbind is set to Q. Easy button to reach from your WASD hand.

Reload/Load/Remove Coating/Silkbind is set to to R. “R” is a classic bind for “Reload” and more importantly is easy to reach.

Item Bar (Hold)/Reset Camera is set to to Z. An unused button within reach of the left hand.

Other Controls

Sheathe Settings in Controls should 100% be Manual Sheathe. Auto Sheathe is terrible! You shouldn’t need the game to sheathe for you, especially when it locks you into an animation that might get you killed.

Mouse Wheel Settings 1/2 should be inverted, so 1 is Item Bar and 2 is Action Bar. This allows you to scroll through your Item Hotbar with the mouse wheel, and scroll through your Action Bar instead of holding Ctrl (R, with this keybind setup).

I don’t understand why the game isn’t like this by default, TBH. Alternatively, if you run Ranged Weapons, you should make the 2nd Action Bar setting your Ammo/Coatings Bar. Or, if you’d prefer, make that Setting 1, and your Item Bar Setting 2.

In Game Settings, you can turn a Player Silhouette On, so you can see yourself while being obscured by monsters.

Hopefully, all these settings create a control scheme that feels a little more intuitive for you, it sure did for me! You can follow us on Twitter and drop a like on Facebook to get the latest update on guides for Mobile Games, PC Games, Fixes, and Settings.

I also have a YouTube channel where I upload the latest gaming content for PC and Android. Feel free to check that out at your own leisure. Got specific suggestions? You can submit them here. Thanks for reading! 

Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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