Monster Hunter Stories 2 | How To Get The Perfect Rare Monstie Egg

In this guide on Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings Of Ruin, I am going to be sharing with you the details of how you can identify and collect the perfect rare monstie egg. We are all tremendously excited about the release of the full version of Capcom’s Monster Hunter Stories 2, as we should be. If you are a fan of the Stories franchise then you will definitely enjoy playing this game. It promises tons of exciting new features along with an endless list of monsters and monstie’s you can add to your team. So let us start off on this exciting journey by checking out this guide.

How To Identify And Collect The Perfect Rare Monstie Egg In MH Stories 2

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First and foremost what you need to do is FIND THE RARE DENS. This is the place that the best eggs come from. Once you dive into the rare dens and go up to the nest you will find that there are different types of glows that happen.

The Glows

There are basically 2 types of glows you can get when you pick up an egg. One is a sort of golden glow and the other is a kind of rainbow glow. What you are essentially looking for is this rainbow type of glow. It is very subtle but you will definitely not miss it once you pick up the egg. The kind of glow determines just how stinky the egg is. The stinkier the egg, the more the chances are that it will be a rare one.

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Weight Of The Egg

You want to pick up the eggs which are heavier as well as stinkier. Once you pick up the egg, you will get a prompt about its weight and smell. The heavier eggs are more likely to be the rare ones.



The easiest way to identify which egg is which monstie is to go through your Monsterpedia. This is kind of like a Pokedex which stores your hunter’s notes and it very clearly shows how a monstie looks like in its egg form. Hence when you are picking up an egg you will be able to exactly tell which monstie you are going to hatch.

Why Rare Eggs Are The Best?

The Rare Eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2 have the Rainbow Genes that you can slot into any of the slots on your Gene Board. You can get the bonuses from different colors if you configure them in a respective way. Hence you can have these special configurations like fire and water together and also your special bonus like an extra damage bonus which is cool. This game allows you to stack genes on top of each other but we are not going to talk about that in this guide.

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Well, that’s about it for now. All you need to do is check the smell and the weight of the eggs and you can also use your Monsterpedia for reference. If you had fun reading this guide, let me know in the comments down below. We will be back with more guides on Monster Hunter Stories 2 shortly. Till then take care and enjoy playing!


Last Updated on July 12, 2021

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