My Time At Sandrock | Beginner Guide, Tips And Strategies

The following is a beginner guide for My Time At Sandrock. Those of you who have joined this game newly can learn some useful tips, tricks, and strategies from this guide.
These useful tips will help you get started in My Time At Sandrock, so do check them out before venturing into the game. In case you have doubts regarding a certain issue be sure to write them down in the comments section and I’ll get back to you.
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Beginner Guide, Tips, And Strategies For My Time At Sandrock

A handy list of advice and tips for newcomers to the My Time series. I started this on the Steam forum, but it became too long, so I decided to publish a guide.
I’m swamped with other EA prep, so I’ll just throw everything here and format it later. WELCOME to the My Time series for those of you who are new to it. Sandrock is a fantastic game with a lot to do and discover.
I’ve spent countless hours playing and researching Sandrock, and I’m still discovering new things. Here are some first suggestions and information that I’d like to provide.
Keep an eye on this section for future changes. I’ll keep adding to this post as I come up with new ideas. Other more experienced gamers might be able to add to this as well.

Basic Tips & Tricks

Use Notepad & Pen

When there’s a lot going on, it’s easy to forget details and make notes to check out later.

For Game Speed

Change the game speed from the default of 2 to 0.5 in Menu/Options. This slows down the clock so you have more time to complete things before being forced to sleep at 3 a.m.

Use Pause Game Effectively

Do you need to consider a potential action and wish to pause the clock? To gain some thinking time, use [ESC] to return to the main menu.

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Treasure Chests

These can be found all across the map. They are full of interesting and useful stuff that will assist you on your journey. White chests can also be found in the caves. You can also check out the game’s WIKI, which will include a page dedicated to this.

Don’t Rush

It is not a contest. Take some time to relax and explore the area. Rushing through the day can cause you to miss out on a lot. Daily commissions have a set amount of time to finish. They’re simple to execute if you choose and plan well.

Choose Your Own Gameplay Style

We all prefer different types of games. There is a lot to do and explore at Sandrock; find your own route and immerse yourself. The most essential thing is to have a good time!

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An auto-saving is performed each time you sleep. Manual saves can be made at any time, with the ability to rename or delete them for convenience.

After landing at Sandrock, consider saving as a restore/load point. Then you can take a look around, familiarise yourself with the controls, and so on before reloading that saves to really immerse yourself in the game.

Watch & Listen

Pay attention to the cut scenes and the words of the other characters. There are numerous hints to be found as well as amazing jokes to be found.

Seek help

There are several options for getting advice and information. Use the main menu to access the in-game tutorials. Different forums should be followed. Take a look at the Steam guidelines. There are a total of 36 achievements mentioned. Examine the official WIKI, which is continually updated and enlarged. Use the top right corner search (magnifying glass) to find pages on a wide range of topics, such as making details, gifting, and so on.

I hope this information is useful.

Last Updated on January 4, 2024

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