My Time At Sandrock: List Of Characters To Romance

The latest offering in the My Time series is now available for early access. Titled as My Time at Sandrock, it follows the first game of My Time at Portia. The game has similarities with its predecessor, including collecting resources, crafting, and farming. You play as Builder, in the desert town of Sandrock.

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It has a bigger map and includes both single-player and multiplayer modes. Most characters are residents of Sandrock itself, and a number of new locations. One of the key aspects of the game is ‘Romance.’ Players can date and marry any eligible candidate. Gender does not matter in the game. However, every character cannot be romanced and married. 

My Time at Sandrock Early Access Release Date Set

My Time at Sandrock: Romance

The game has several characters who can be romanced and married in the long run. These will have their special storylines, in order to make their story arc more real.

Almost all relationship characters have a “relationship meter” in the Social tab of the Menu. It is made up of hearts. Burgess, Catori, Unsuur, and Justice Miguel have not received this yet since the game is still in development.

Moreover, Jane has not been added to the game yet, while Venti is still in the development phase as a character. The following is the full list of characters who can be romanced and married in the game My Time at Sandrock: 


  • Arvio: He is the brother of Amirah, and the pair of them own the general store ‘By the Stairs.’
  • Burgess: A member of the Church of the Light, who also takes care of the Water Shop. Moreover, he will also catch you if players cut trees or cactuses on his patrols. 
  • Fang: A mysterious doctor who is partnered by his raven named X.
  • Owen: A familiar figure in Sandrock, who is the owner of Blue Moon Saloon. 
  • Miguel: A wise character who is the pastor of the Church of the Light. 
  • Pen: A vigilante of Sandrock, who also serves as the Enforcer for the Church of the Light. 
  • Ernest: A writer from Atara who has shifted to Sandrock in order to find out about Logan’s story. 
  • Qi: A closed-off character, who is focused on his work and is a scientist himself. 
  • Unsuur: A  mysterious figure who is a  member of the Civil Corps.
  • Justice: The sheriff of Sandrock and head of the Civil Corps. 
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  • Heidi: An architect by profession, who also writes in her free time. She is the owner of Construction Junction, and daughter of Hugo, the blacksmith, and granddaughter of Vivi, the tailor. 
  • Jane: A schoolteacher who has returned to Sandrock after being away. 
  • Catori: Born in Atara, she is an entrepreneur who runs the Golden Goose entertainment complex and Catori’s Museum. 
  • Amirah: A pottery artist, and sister of Arvio. She hails from Barnarock and serves as the owner of Ceramic Gate. 
  • Elsie: She is the daughter of Cooper, the rancher, and is an accomplished horseback rider filled with energy. 
  • Grace: The cook at the Blue Moon Saloon. 
  • Mi-an: Hailing from Tallsky, she is also a Builder like the player. 
  • Venti: There is no information available on her yet. 

Last Updated on May 26, 2022

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