My Time At Sandrock: List Of Crafting Items On Worktable

There is a lot of crafting happening in My Time at Sandrock and the worktable is one of the most important items needed. It was used by Mason before he left Sandrock.

The Worktable cannot be made, therefore, its place is special in the game. Players can make use of it to craft newer items, and leveling up the Worktable will also give new objects. However, some objects will need a ‘crafting book’ which will help you teach about the process.

My Time At Sandrock

When you start the game, you will need to collect the resources through books and missions. The best thing about the Worktable is all items on it will be ready instantly. You can craft items through four categories: 

  1. Equipment
  2. Resources
  3. Furniture
  4. Mission

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The following guide will help you see the full list of items that the Worktable can make: 

My Time at Sandrock: List of items to be crafted

Worktable: Equipment 

ItemLevelMaterialsSell price
Stone Axe1Stone-4, Wood-26 coins
Pickhammer1Stone-4, Wood-26 coins
Bronze Axe1Bronze bars-5, Copper Screw-2, Sharpening Stone-1, Wooden stick-2178 coins
Bronze Pickhammer1Bronze bars-5, Copper Screw-2, Sharpening Stone-1, Wooden stick-2178 coins
Stone Spear1Stone-8, Wooden Stick-3, Quartz-329 coins
Stone Sword1Stone-10, Copper Bars-3, Yakmel Horn-240 coins
Stone Daggers1Stone-8, Cactus Spine-3, Thin Thread-218 coins
Stone Sword and Shield1Stone-8, Wooden Stick-2, Copper Bars-227 coins
Casual hat1Rough cloth-2, Thin Thread-223 coins
Casual t-shirt1Basic Leather-2, Rough cloth-1, Thin Thread-125 coins
Casual shoes1Basic leather, Copper Bars-114 coins
Casual shorts1Basic leather-2, Rough cloth-1, Thin Thread-223 coins
Wooden BarrelBookWooden Boards-2, Thin Thread-222 coins
Feather DusterBookWooden Stick-2, Feather-4, Thin Thread-220 coins
Basic Sandfish TrapBookCopper Bars-2, Wooden Stick-2, Thick Rope-124 coins
Basic Planting KitBookCopper Stick-3, Bronze Bars-5, Rubber Tube-3, Old Parts-2153 coins
Deputy CapBookBasic Leather-3, Bronze Bars-2, Pigment-150 coins
Iron Axe2Steel Bar-4, Hardwood Stick-2, Sharpening Stone-2380 coins
Iron Pickhammer2Steel Bar-4, Hardwood Stick-2, Sharpening Stone-2380 coins

Worktable: Resources

Item LevelMaterialsSell price
Grinding Saws1Dinas-4, Stone-17 coins
Stone Trough1Stone-65 coins
Thin Thread1Plant Fiber-22 coins
Raw Animal Skin1Damaged Animal Pelt-42 coins
Water1Dew-104 coins
Wooden Stick1Wood-33 coins
Basic Leather1Raw Animal Skin-3, Sea Salt-16 coins
Picnic BasketBookWood-4, Thin Thread-317 coins
Thick RopeBookPlant Fiber-43 coins
Oil LampBookCopper Bars-2, Glass-2, Twine-152 coins
Wooden Water CupBookWood-4, Copper Bars-112 coins
10 Red FireworksBookClay-3, Gunpowder-45 coins
10 Blue FireworksBookClay-3, Gunpowder-45 coins
10 Yellow FireworksBookClay-3, Gunpowder-4 5 coins
10 Green FireworksBookClay-3, Gunpowder-45 coins
10 Purple FireworksBookClay-3, Gunpowder-45 coins
Bronze BladeBookBronze Bars-4, Copper Gear-265 coins
Copper LoudspeakerBookCopper Bars, Old Parts-123 coins
Curling IronBookCopper Stick-2, Copper Wire-1, Simple Circuits-158 coins
Hair DryerBookBronze Bars-2, Copper Wire-1, Simple Circuits-147 coins
Bird SwingBookQuartz-4, Copper Stick-1, Pigment-238 coins
BenchBookWooden Boards-2, Basic Leather-242 coins
Crafted Pencil holderBookCopper Bars-2, Pigment-219 coins
HarmonicaBookBronze Bars-2, Rubber-122 coins
5 GunpowderBookGraphite-1, Sulfur-2, Niter-28 coins
Arm StretcherBookMetal Coil-2, Bronze Stick-280 coins
Steel Frame2Cast Iron Rod-4, Manganese Steel Bar- 5, Copper Screw-4351 coins
Filtration Core2Fiber Mesh-2, Graphite-5, Copper Pipe-277 coins
Valve2Bronze Bars-2, Rubber Shell-128 coins
Glass Lens2Glass-2, Bronze Pipes-134 coins
Bronze Frame2Bronze Bars-4, Bronze Rivet-472 coins
Bloodstone Core2Bloodstone -3, Clay-230 coins
Hardwood Fence2Hardwood Stick-2, Copper Screw-261 coins
Bloodstone Saws2Bloodstone-3, Rubber-226 coins
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Worktable: Furniture

ItemLevelMaterialsSell price
Mini storage box1Wood-1013 coins
Wooden Bookcase1Wooden Boards-6, Glass-276 coins
Photo FrameBookWooden Boards-1, Paper-112 coins
Working DeskBookHardwood Planks-4, Brone Bars-2, Basic Leather-3, Copper Screw-2176 coins
Office ChairBookWooden Boards-2, Copper Screw-4102 coins
Simple Wooden ChairBookCopper Pipe-2, Copper Screw-4, Wooden Boards-270 coins
Arvio’s BillboardBookHardwood Stick-3, Wooden Boards-2, Paper-4107 coins
Cat HouseBookHardwood Planks-2, Basic Leather-277 coins
Wooden StorageBookWood-8, Copper Bars-437 coins
Leisurely Rattan ChairBookHardwood Stick-4, Jute-4, Bark-4128 coins
Single BedBookWooden Boards-4, Thin Thread-2, Basic Leather-2, Copper Bars-479 coins
Leisurely Rattan Tea TableBookHardwood Stick-4, Jute-4, Bark-4128 coins
Simple ChairBookWooden Boards-2, Copper Screw-437 coins


You have to upgrade the worktable with materials as it is impossible to make a new worktable. For that, you will need: 

  • Marble Slab-5
  • Copper Wire-10
  • Hardwood Stick-5
  • Machine Upgrade Kit-3
  • Old Parts-10

That’s about everything players need to know regarding crafting on the Worktable!

Last Updated on July 11, 2022

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